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Let us partner with you in raising up more Christian Leaders throughout the world. By providing scholarships for high-quality ministry training, we can keep called Christian Leaders out of debt and help them become local leaders who thrive in ministry. Together as vision partners, we can reach the world for Christ and his love!

Christian Leaders Institute Executive Summary

Our Mission: Christian Leaders Institute seeks to be the number one provider of generosity-driven scholarships for high-quality ministry education for the 92 percent of the world that currently does not have access to higher education.

Our Method: This mission is accomplished through our Christian Leaders Training Highway, which offers ministry training classes and other Christian Leaders resources. After students are awarded their scholarships everthing is no cost for them.

  • Digital Campus which features easy assess from computer, tablet or smartphone for anyone who wants to Christian-based higher education.
  • Online lectures, free textbooks, and our performance-based grading and monitoring system. View classes as a guest.
  • Comprehensive interactive learning tools
  • Wiki Profile Directory of each student in each country

    CLI Graduate from China: Click Picture and Read Story

Our Programs: CLI has 25 levels of performance-based awards including certificates, diplomas, and degrees such as: Bible Study Leader, Women in Ministry, Enterprise, Commissioned Pastor, Church Planter, and Divinity Degree.

Our History: Through the encouragement and support of Rich DeVos and others, Henry Reyenga (current president) started Christian Leaders, NFP, in 2001. The Institute was launched in 2006 with six active students completing 12 classes. Since that time there over 175,00 students have enrolled with over with over 70,000 classes completed, and over 45,000 graduate awards. to see results. Click here to see results

Our Staff: We are a robust specialized staff of 18 headquartered in the newly acquired campus in Spring Lake, Michigan. We have a growing army of over 40 faculty members from all over the world. Click here to see staff.

Board: Brian DeCook, Ron Parr, Henry Reyenga, Rich DeVos Sr (Legacy), David Zillig, Todd Hazelton, Debbie Roesch, and Ed Van Drunen (Legacy) and Don Therasse.

Academic Partners: Church History Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, Calvin Seminary, and Ray VanderLaan Ministries. Plus much more.

Vision Partners Partners:

  • CLI Students and Graduates (1/4 of budgets; over 6,000 gifts 2016),
  • Foundation Samples: Rich and Helen DeVos Foundation, Gaby Foundation, Barnabas Foundation and many others.
  • Individuals and Churches

Our 2018 Goals: Expand our reach in courses, professors, languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, and German), and programs such as the DeVos Enterprise Degree

Our 2017 Budget: $1,232,030.00.


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Christian Leaders Institute
17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49506



Phone Number 616-777-0305

Office Hours are from Monday – Friday 900 (9:00 am) – 1500 (3:00 pm) USA Eastern Time

CLI is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Click Here to See Offical IRS determination letter

2017 Budget

Each year an audited statement is submitted to our board of trustees by The CPA Firm of Bert Kamp, Orland Park, IL.