Proper Training in Theology

Christian Faith is Based on Truth

Hi, my name is Ambrina Roshi. Originally from Pakistan, I moved to the UK in 2009. Married for more than ten years, God has blessed us with two amazing sons. Currently, I am getting proper training in Theology online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Theology and Bible courses, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey

My grandfather used to tell us Bible stories as we grew up. I was in my early teens when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ at a convention. It was very emotional, and I prayed that I would do whatever God called me to do. My parents used to forbid me from talking about faith in school due to fear of persecution and discrimination. Growing up in a country where the majority of people were Muslims, even my close friends would ask: “Is the Bible Changed?” and “Did Jesus really die on the cross?”

Even in my darkest times, my love for God never died. From an early age, I believed in a lie that no one loved me. So, I went astray for a time in search of love. God spoke through a Muslim colleague when I started working as a doctor. He challenged me, saying that the “love” I sought was only available through God.

My Career

I graduated as a medical doctor in 2000 and then worked in a Mission Hospital in a rural area in Pakistan. My goal was to achieve my career. However, from a young age, I knew that God had a calling on my life. During my twenties and thirties, my focus was on developing my career. But, there was a secret hurt in my heart that I was not pursuing my calling. I completed my specialization as a psychiatrist in 2018.

Proper Training in Theology at CLI

During the COVID pandemic, I had more time on hand with online patient consultations, saving travel time. I started writing devotionals and posting them on Facebook. I took courses on apologetics. Now, I have created a system of apologetics for women in which I have simplified apologetics concepts. I realized that I need proper training in Theology to be authentic in offering Christian Courses. Then, I found the Christian Leaders Institute to get that training. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

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