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Click the picture to see the one minute endorsement of CLI by leading Missiologist Dr. Craig Van Gelder

Click the picture to see the one minute endorsement of CLI by leading Missiologist Dr. Craig Van Gelder

Are you a local Christian Leader who desires high-quality Bible based ministry training right where you live? Do you want your knowledge of the Bible to deepen? Do you want your walk with God strengthened?  Do you want to learn ministry insights taught at seminaries, Bible schools, and Bible colleges? 

You will get a world-class Christian ministry education free of charge (See Testimony of Free of Charge).  Not only is this ministry training free, but it is highly rated, by thousands of satisfied local Christian leaders.  CLI received a 4.6 rating out of five on our Facebook Page. Leading Missiologist Dr. Craig Van Gelder has endorsed Christian Leaders Institute. Click Here to See his one-minute endorsement.

This ministry training is perfect for many applications.

  • Local Christian leaders who have little money but big ministry dreams. CLI now offers a Bachelor Degree that is
    Thousands of Graduates Everywhere - Click on the Picture

    Thousands of Graduates Everywhere –

    recognized by top tier seminaries. Click here to find out more.

  • Local Christian Leaders called into ministry in their churches
  • Existing local pastors needing formal pastor training or continuing education
  • Called local leaders who need a quality Internet option in their situation
  • Free ministry training that flows into exciting local ordination options
  • Church planting, pastoring, officiants, church ministry, and many more roles in ministry
  • Christians with English as a second language
  • Local Elder or Deacon training

This free Bible training will prepare you for ministry in many areas.

When you enroll at Christian Leaders Institute, you don’t pay any tuition, and you get world class free online Bible school training. Our goal is to bring the very best free ministry training in the world. 

CLI will NEVER ask for your Credit Card number or require donations in order to receive your education.

*Please note that the Divinity Degree Program DOES require a small administration fee – this is a separate program CLI offers, and is completely optional. There is also a small fee if you want us to send you a official embossed certificate or diploma *

You can pick from 32 college-grade Classes that include Bible Survey, Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Church and Ministry, Church History, Ethics, Missions and Revival, New Testament Greek and many others. We are adding more every year.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.02.27 PM

These free online Bible School classes provide the reading materials in electronic format in all classes.  Students can do their studies with a computer, smartphone or tablet.  All reading materials are free and viewed online on your device.

Unlike many schools that offer free ministry training with few modules and few professors, this free program offers students advanced lectures, quizzes, tests, and transcripts.  All the while, 28 world-class Bible school professors (with Ph.D., THD, and Masters degrees) led by Dr. David Feddes guide your education. All professors received their degrees from accredited institutions. You get the credits and transcripts without paying anything.

Christian Leaders Institute is a member of ACEA and is accredited by the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries( IABCS).  Click here to read more about accreditation issues and CLI.


Free Online Bible School: Christian Leaders Basic Certificate

Fill out the simple enrollment form and start the Getting Started Class: Christian Leaders Basics.  When your finish this class, you can print out an your unofficial certificate, which locks in your free online education. We congratulate anyone who completes this 7-credit certificate. This certificate examines calling with God, walking with God and basic theology. These are three very important elements needed in being a Christian Leader!

Here are the details: After your Christian Leaders Basics Certificate, it can take as little as two semesters to receive your Christian Leaders Diploma.  This diploma allows you take the Ordination Class, where your order an Official Ordination Certificate and Ordination Card issued by CLI and confirmed by a local ordained leader or ordaining authority. This ordination allows you to be registered on the Christian Leaders Directory. This directory will tell the world that you are have completed this ministry training program for Ordination and you then will be recognized as ordained to ministry. This ordination is in the order of Stephen (Acts 6:5) and Pheobe (Roman 16:1).

Excellent Free Online Ministry Training And Ordination

A free online Bible School does not mean that this is second-rate education or ordination.  Some may ask, “How can this be free?” CLI is completely supported by generous offerings, so that those whom need this seminary training and ordination get these no matter what their finances looks like!

And you can access the classes any time of the day. All you need is access to a smart phone, tablet or computer and the Internet. We ask that you recruit a local mentor to encourage you in you education and/or ordination.

Ordained Pastor Opportunity: If you are already an ordained pastor and you just need some additional high quality ministry training, you are welcome to gain access to this training as well free of charge. You will not need a local mentor since you already in ministry. Ordained pastors in over 50 countries have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Tens of thousands have enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute for their FREE high quality Chirstian education. Thousands are now in the process of getting their advanced certificates and diplomas.

Christian Leaders Insitute will be offering an Associate Divinity and Bachelors Divinity in 2015.

Whatever your need, wherever you are, we look forward to admitting you to this free online Bible School. Enroll now!

This high quality training with an ordination possibility may fit you:  Get prepared to serve God in any of the following ministry callings or roles.

Commissioned Pastor,
Church Planter,
Preacher or Prophet,
Christian Leader with disabilities ministering at home (on the web) or outside the home,
Women Ministry,
Youth ministry,
Visitation Ministry,
Music Ministry,
Hospice Care,
Marriage Care,
Divorce Care,
Men’s Ministry,
Christian Counseling,
Officiating at Weddings or Funerals,
Church Teacher,
Prison Ministry,
Post Prison Ministry
Chaplaincy, Chatplaincy,
More Effective Office Bearer in your Church,
More Effective Parent

Watch why recognized Christian Business Leader,  Rich DeVos Sr.,  encourages you to enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and receive your free online Bible school education. Click here to see his encouragement to join CLI

Signing up takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have signed up, you will be immediately whisked into your first class. Just enter your first name and email address at the top of this page to get started.

Your Brother in Christ,

Henry Reyenga, Jr.,
President, Christian Leaders Institute

Important Note: If you wonder if this opportunity is too good to be true.  Check out our Facebook page and read some of the stories of actual students. Read comments like these:

Check out some Facebook reviews. Click here to see more reviews!

No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

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No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

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