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I know something about you already that you may not know. I know you are on a mission. You are on a mission to accomplish your ministry dream. You have been searching the internet and you still may not know what that is quite yet but it doesn’t matter. You are on a mission. I want you to think about it. What is your ministry dream? Regardless of what that is, Christian Leaders Institute is here to help you make that dream a reality. Your search is over.

Do you want your knowledge of the Bible to deepen? Do you want your walk with God strengthened? Are you seeking formal ministry training? Are you seeking ordination for a ministry role?

Are you a Christian leader who is able to finish what you start? Do you have what it takes to complete Bible school classes? Do you want to learn ministry insights taught at Seminaries, Bible schools, and Bible colleges? 

Are you worried about college debt? Are you looking for a scholarship to take online ministry training classes? Are you looking for a program that you can complete that fits your busy schedule?

Christian Leaders Institute gives you an opportunity for quality formal ministry training. You can earn ministry certificates, Online Bible Schooldiplomas, and degrees.

Currently, there are scholarship slots available. Enroll in our free Getting Started Class called Christian Leaders Connection.

Complete this free class to get your tuition* covered. Scholarship slots are still available. Enroll now and finish the getting started class within the next six months. Then you can take any class.

Take our getting started course, Christian Leaders Connections at no cost to quality for a class and materials scholarship. This course explores your walk with God and your calling to ministry.  Finish this course to receive this scholarship. 

Enroll in over 145 credit hours of recognized instruction. Classes range in topics from Bible and theology to pastoral care and leadership.

Take these ministry training classes online anytime day or night.

Pursue one of our ordination options if that fits your calling.

Set up an account and click on our digital campus. You receive your own digital desk. Begin your ministry training right away.

Current students love the classes. CLI received a 4.7 rating out of five on our Facebook Page.

Leading Missiologist Dr. Craig Van Gelder has endorsed Christian Leaders Institute. Click Here to see his one-minute endorsement.

*Tuition includes the opportunity to study, complete and receive grades on all classes. Study materials and basic customer service are also included. Small administration donations apply for verification, certification, and sending of completed awards.

Are You Seeking Formal Bible Training?

Are you a new or experienced Christian seeking an accelerated learning path? Our online Bible school offers over 120 credit hours of high-quality classes. The training is designed to include beginners. Our Online Bible School curriculum is Biblical. See Statement of Faith. You can pick from over 32 college-grade Classes that include Bible Survey, Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Church and Ministry, Church History, Ethics, Missions and Revival, New Testament Greek and many others. We keep adding more!

Seeking A Debt-Free Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

Are you seeking a debt-free option for high-quality ministry training? Our goal is to offer this free online Bible school college-class atmosphere for you to get all the training you need. All the classes are free. Certified certificates and diplomas have “service” donations required. These donations supply the income needed for verification and certification that you completed the free classes. For Instance, our bachelor program brings you a four-year degree for $1,800 administration donation. This particular donation in not tax deductible in the USA. Why do we have administration donation? Click here. This bachelor degree is accepted at places like Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, Vision International University and Northern Baptist Seminary.

Seeking Minister Ordination?

Are you seeking a legitimate Online Ordination program? Christian Leaders Institute guides you through a ministry training program grounded at your local level.

Step One: You can become ordained after the first two classes (7 Credits) as an ordained deacon minister. CLI helps you get three local endorsers that confirm your call and readiness for ministry. After you are locally ordained as a deacon minister, you are internationally registered as an ordained minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. You can order official documents if you need or want them.

Step Two: You continue your ministry training for a specific ordained minister role that related directly to your calling. These roles have different requirement depending on your calling to ministry. Here are some samples or ordained minister roles offered at Christian Leaders Institute: Officiant Minister – Small Group Minister (23 Credits) – House Church Pastor (29 Credits) – Women’s Minister (32 Credits) -Associate Chaplain (35 Credits) -Associate Minister (36 Credits) – Evangelist Minister (TBA) – Commissioned Minister (45 Credits) – Chaplain (120 Credits) – Minister of the Word (120 Credits)  More ordination roles to come.

As you progress through the CLI study program, your ministry training directly relates to the ordained ministry role that fits you and your calling.

CLI Ordination Directory

Pastors Seeking Formal Ministry Training?

Are you seeking formal ministry training? Are you a local ordained leader in a church needing clergy-grade training? Are you seeking training with certified certificates, diplomas or degrees that do not put you into financial debt? CLI offers formal training that will deliver a certificates or diplomas. We offer a Bachelor Degree that is recognized by top-tier seminaries and if you need a Master’s Degree, our divinity degree is accepted at some major accredited seminaries.  Click here to find out more. This high-quality ministry training with free online Bible school classes will put you on that path.

English Ministry Training in China

Pastors or Denominational Leaders Seeking to Raise Up Local Leaders?

Are you a local ordained pastor looking for a way to train up local leaders for local ministry? At CLI, you can use our online bible school classes for your local church. Maybe you have been mentoring an existing CLI student. Do you see the possibility of starting a mentor center in your local church where you can raise up teams of well trained local leaders? Offer local Elder and Deacon training through these classes.

Are you a Bishop, Apostle, or denominational leader? Are you looking for ways to bring formalized training to the leaders you are raising up? Our programs of study may be perfect for you! Maybe you want to use these training or ordinations options to help raise up local church planters?

Home Schooling Families Seeking Online Bible School Classes?

Are you a homeschooling parent looking for Bible training for yourself or your high school age children. Many homeschooling families have received scholarships.  Click here to find out more.

What is included in your scholarship and What is Not?

After you have received your scholarship the ministry classes are open to you. When complete programs of study you will receive unofficial awards.  The verified awards require an appropriate donation for that personalized service.  We will ask you to make a small donation that is appropriate for the amount of effort it takes for our ministry staff to serve your individual needs.   Click here to find out more.

What are the Classes Like?

These online Bible School classes provide the reading materials in electronic format in all classes.  Students can do their studies with a computer, smartphone or tablet.  All reading materials are included and viewed online on your device.

Over 28 world-class Bible school professors (with Ph.D., THD, and Masters degrees) led by Dr. David Feddes guide your education. All professors received their degrees from accredited institutions. You get the credits and transcripts without paying anything.

Is Christian Leaders Institute Accredited?

Christian Leaders Institute is a member of ACEA and is accredited by the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries( IABCS).  Read here to find out the difference between national accreditation and state accreditation. Click here to read more about accreditation and CLI.

No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

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No Risk. No Money. High Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

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