Minister Credentials

The Christian Leaders Alliance offers minister credentials for becoming a licensed wedding officiant, a lay minister, licensed minister, & ordained minister.

"If you are looking for a way to grow and get ordained and be a revival leader Christian Leaders Alliance Is a great place to start. I have been enrolled in CLA for over a year and it has truly help me to believe and know God’s will for my life. The Lord call me to go into the prison ministry in 1991 and CLI has helped me with this calling."
Greg Miller
CLA Ordained Minister

Our Approach to Ordination

At Christian Leaders Alliance, we recognize that ministry is diverse, catering to those who wish to serve as volunteers, part-time ministers, or those pursuing full-time vocations. While our training is entirely online, we are distinct from “instant ordination” programs. Instead, we’re a global minister credentialing society, comprising thousands of ordained ministers. Our strength lies in connecting comprehensive ministry courses from the Christian Leaders Institute with local endorsements, culminating in a process that validates your ministry calling.

When you sign up, you gain access to a suite of ministry credentials available at Christian Leaders Alliance. Here, you can discern which credential aligns best with your calling. You are then free to embark on the corresponding courses, all of which are 100% online and entirely free. With the autonomy to dictate your learning pace, you can engage with these courses anytime, from anywhere.

Upon successful completion of your chosen curriculum, you can order a tangible version of your credential. Depending on the nature of the credential and any additional materials you opt for, prices can range from $62.50 to $300. This fee is a one-off payment. Rest assured, you will not be burdened with the obligation to renew your ordination, nor will you encounter any hidden or recurring fees.

Receiving your credential is only part of the journey. We recommend visiting your local pastor who can then offer prayers and officially sign your credential, thereby locally ordaining you. With this signed document, you not only gain the title of an official minister under the Christian Leaders Alliance but also become eligible to feature in our global minister directory, thereby amplifying your reach and presence

Explore Our Minister Credentials

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant

With 10 hours of study and one local recommendation, you can confidently and competently officiant a wedding as a officiant minister.
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Licensed Ministry Chaplain

This is a clergy role with 18 credits of ministry training and six mini-courses. program provides you with the necessary chaplaincy skills to serve voluntarily or Part-time as a Licensed Ministry Chaplain.

Field (Lay) Minister

This minister role is is designed for those who may be serving as volunteer ministers in a local church or elsewhere in God’s Kingdom. Often these ministers serve as local deacons or elders.

Licensed Coaching Minister

This is for those called to help people discern and develop goals to overcome obstacles and glorify God in their lives. Coaching ministers learn core coaching practices and core ministry skills.

Licensed Minister

This credential is a clergy role with a 13-credit training program that gives you the necessary skills for ministry for those seeking to be volunteer or part-time ministers.

Ordained Minister

Our ordination program which requires 21-credits and seven mini-courses is an excellent route for anyone looking to work in full-time ministry. This credential gives you status as an ordained leader and can be used for roles within the church.

earn specializations along with your minister Credentials

All the minister credentials listed above can be paired with a specialization that focuses your training within a specific ministry role. Below are just a few available specializations that your can earn with your minister credential at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Join A Global Directory

After completion of a minister credential at Christian Leaders Alliance you will have the opportunity to list your public minister profile alongside thousands of fellow Christian Leaders Alliance ministers around the world.

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