Diplomas are the most advanced credentials that a student can earn in the School of Christian Development. These credentials require an extended amount of completed courses and equip students for more advanced ministry roles. Graduates have utilized our diplomas to enhance their current ministry roles and also secure employment opportunities.

"I began studying at CLI 4 years ago and earned a Commissioned Pastoral Diploma and am using the knowledge in ministry work in the Philippines. I would never have been able to do what God is leading me to without this training. All of the instructors are highly qualified and it’s refreshing to know that they are always there for me.
CLI Student Who earned a ministry diploma
Donald Haren
Christian Leaders Institute Student

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This diplomas is beneficial for students who wish to complete numerous free courses in their area of interest and establish a strong foundation in Christian doctrine and ministry.

To earn the Christian Ministry Diploma you must complete the following courses:

This diploma offers advanced credentials for individuals seeking to serve effectively in chaplaincy. It’s especially beneficial for part-time chaplains or those serving as chaplains within their church.

To earn the Chaplaincy Diploma you must complete the following courses:

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