Meet Our Team

Christian Leaders Institute’s team is mission-focused and student-oriented. Diverse in background and experience, each team member is passionate about spreading the Gospel and fostering spiritual growth. The team is dedicated to providing high-quality online training and support to students from all walks of life. 

Board of Trustees

Rev. Henry Reyenga Jr.


Dr. James Hunt


Chris Branoff

Vice Chairman

Pastor Brian DeCook


David Zillig

Dr. Todd Hazelton

Ron Parr

Debbie Roesch

Roy Lucas


Rev. Henry Reyenga Jr.

President, Professor of Ministry

Dr. David

Provost, Professor of Ministry, Theology, and Biblical Studies

Dr. Gabriela

Director of Spanish and Professor of Ministry, Theology, and Biblical Studies

Dr. Mark Vander Meer

Professor of Social Science, Self-Care and Recovery, Addiction Recovery, & Ministry

Dr. Jim Ausfahl

Professor Of Practical Mathematics & Science

Naomi Irene Bambara

Director Of French Program, Professor Of Business

Dr. Bruce Ballast

Professor Of Missions, Preaching, And Leadership

Abigail Dominiak

Professor of Ministry and Business

Dr. Kenneth Priddy

Professor of Theology and Ministry

Jason Borowicz

Professor of Business

Jeffrey Brodrick

Professor of History

Staff & Administrators

Rev. Henry Reyenga Jr.

President & Director of Advancement

Dr. David


Jerry Lorenz

Information Technology Director

Pam Reyenga


Ann Merkle

Director Of Finances/HR/Business Office Manager

Rhonda Sullivan

Executive Office Manager

Brianna Prince

Academic Office Manager & Accreditation Liaison

Abigail Dominiak

Director Of Student Services & Vision Partner Advocate

Dr. Gabriela

Spanish Program Director

Dmytro Glazunov

Russian & Ukrainian Program Director

Christina Zhang

Chinese Program Director

Naomi Bambara

French Program Director

Mitchell Dominiak

Digital Marketing Manager

Florence Fritz

Student Relations Coordinator, Wedding Officiant Advocate

Jon Dowler

Student Care Chaplain

Abigail Alfree

Advancement & Development Coordinator, Spanish Program Coordinator

Alysha Tjapkes


Jordyn Vanderlee

Information Security & Technology Manager

Sarah Fojtik

Vision Partner & Course Department Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Brodrick