Transfer Information

Learn more about transferring credits into our programs or transferring our credits to other institutions

Looking to transfer previously earned credits into a CLI degree program?

Christian Leaders Institute’s Leadership Excellence school offers all the required courses and credits needed to complete each degree program, but if you have taken any of these required courses/credits at another college, you can send your official transcript to Christian Leaders Institute for evaluation. You must be admitted into the Leadership Excellence School or have completed the Institute Verification class in order to be eligible for this process.

The transcript must be official and sent to us directly by the institution in order for any courses/credits to be transferred. Courses must have a C- or higher grade to be eligible for transfer.

Request the college to send your transcript in a sealed envelope to:

Christian Leaders Institute
Attn: Registrar
17771 West Spring Lake Road
Spring Lake, MI 49456
United States of America


The educational institution can email the transcripts directly to:


Looking to transfer credits earned at CLI out to another institution?

To send your transcript to another school, there is a verification fee of $75 for students who have not completed a degree. For those who have completed a CL degree, it is $30 to transfer. 

The receiving institution determines the transfer of academic credits to that institution. Students who plan to transfer credits out of CLI are advised to check with the receiving institution. For more information on this, read our catalog here

Further instructions on this process are included in either the Leadership Excellence School Admission course or the Institute Verification course, depending on your program pathway.