Earn an associate or bachelor degree in Divinity, Chaplaincy or Christian Leadership and gain the credibility and skills to pursue your calling from God.

I cannot write here all I have learned during my program because, then, I would be writing for a very long time. I however want others to know that you can still work in the corporate world and do ministry full time. Now that I have graduated, I plan to use all the knowledge I have acquired at CLI in my ministry, marriage, family, and the corporate work. I recommend this degree program to anvone who has ministry at heart."
Animuonyam Nana Yaa Duodu
Degree Graduate

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If you’re eager to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible and enhance your theological understanding, our Associate and Bachelor of Divinity degrees provide exceptional pathways. These degrees are designed to help you not only expand your knowledge of the Word but also cultivate your skills in preaching, theological exploration, and overall understanding of biblical principles. They offer a comprehensive educational journey for those passionate about strengthening their connection to spirituality and religious insights.

Our Associates and Bachelors of Chaplaincy are ideal for those looking to work with people. They equip you with essential skills applicable to roles in counseling, hospice care, and similar fields. Through these programs, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and abilities to effectively connect and assist people in various meaningful ways.

Designed as a versatile degree to help you to be a well-rounded Christian leader applying a biblical worldview in a wide variety of life situations: business, trades, home, church, ministries. The Bachelor of Christian Leadership provides you a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major. In addition, you can choose a concentration in an area you want to focus on. If you want a triple major that includes business or philosophy, that is an option with this degree.

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The degree fees support the administrative cost of accreditation compliance. Compliance is adherence to United States Department of Education standards of accreditation on an organization level and on an individualized level. Learn more about accreditation here

Application Fee: $125

Associate Degree: $2,000

Bachelor Degree: $2,000

Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor degree right away can enter that program and pay $4,000

Please note: there is tier-adjusted pricing for those in developing nations. 

Learn more about the fees here

It is not required that you pay in full. We offer payment plans as low as $50 a month. 

You can send us an official transcript for evaluation of transfer credits or to enter directly into a Bachelor program. Learn more about transfer information here

You can still take advantage of CLI’s fantastic pricing. Simply earn any of the three degrees we offer or utilize our credit transfer opportunities, then transfer your degree/credit to a partner of ours that offers a degree in a role that better suits your objectives.

CLI holds candidate status with the ABHE Commission on Accreditation. 

Candidate status is a pre-membership status granted to those institutions that meet the ABHE Conditions of Eligibility and that possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving accreditation status within five years.

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