Degree of Divinity

Associate of Divinity and Bachelor of Divinity Now Available with Transfer Credits

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Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) has been offering free ministry training since 2006 to those who finish the scholarship class. The scholarship class introduces you to the ministry training world of CLI. The quality of the training and the amount of the classes offered at Christian Leaders Institute has made it possible to offer a Bachelor of Divinity degree. This is exactly what students have been asking for. In 2015, two divinity degrees were introduced. The Associate of Divinity and the Bachelor of Divinity are the first two degrees offered at Christian Leaders Institute.

The actual classes are free for those who have completed the scholarship class. Students take free training that gives them “unofficial” certificates, diplomas and degrees. Official awards have administrative donation fees appropriate for the amount of effort needed by the CLI staff to verify and certify the official awards. This official award is required by our partnering accredited seminaries.

The Divinity Degrees, for instance, have much more incurred expense than simple certificates. These incurred expenses are passed on to each student and include such things as application fees, transcript services, transfer services, Offical ID Card, Verification Certification, Partnering Relations and much more.

The Donation fee for each official degree is $1000. The total donation cost is $2,000 for a bachelor degree.  Remember you can take all our classes for free. The $1000 fee is only for those who want the official award and the benefits that award brings you. If you already have an associate or bachelor degree, you can bypass our Associates Degree by transferring that in for 60 credits toward your Bachelor Degree for a fee of only $150. After that you then only have to pay for your Bachelor of Divinity ($1000).

The Global Mission Fund Reaching into 155 Nations of the World. 

Online giving and other designated funds have been put aside to support the Global Mission Fund. This fund subsidizes the cost of all awards and cards at Christian Leaders Institute. Click here to find out more.

Official Agreements With Seminaries

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Calvin Theological Seminary offers MDiv, MA, and MTS programs that prepare people for vibrant Christian ministry in a variety of contexts. These degree programs are available on our beautiful campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or through a high-quality hybrid distance education program. All admitted students to these programs are eligible to be considered for scholarships.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Divinity program through Christian Leaders Institute are eligible to apply for admission to the MDiv, MA, or MTS program at Calvin Theological Seminary. The recommended preparation for those who intend to apply for the MDiv or MTS program is one course each in English and literature and two courses each in history, philosophy, natural science, social science, and speech. Also, you are encouraged to take four semesters of Greek. Because of CLI’s accreditation status, a limited number of students can be accepted under this arrangement.

If you already have an accredited bachelor’s degree and your goals include seminary study, Calvin Theological Seminary offers opportunities for advanced standing for work done at Christian Leaders Institute.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.55.54 PMWestern Theological Seminary will accept into their Master of Divinity degree program a number of Christian Leaders Institute Bachelors of Divinity degree graduates.  The Western Theological Seminary Admissions Department can help with the application process. Click here for Admission

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Northern Seminary will accept into their Master of Divinity degree program a number of Christian Leaders Institute Bachelors of Divinity degree graduates.  The Northern Seminary Admissions Department can help with the application process. Click here for admissions



Before You Start the Degree Program

Before you are eligible to opt into the degree program, you must begin our Getting Started scholarship class called Christian Leaders Connection. This is the first free class you will take. If you pass this class, all your classes are free.

The Getting Started scholarship class was developed as a way to introduce students to the online learning environment offered at Christian Leaders Institute. Over the years, it has been updated and improved to offer a great orientation class for students who are new to online learning. We require prospective degree students to complete the Getting Started scholarship class before they begin their degree program.

Once you have completed the Getting Started class, you can opt into the official program, begin making payments, send any transcripts. You will receive your Degree program student ID as part of your participation. Do not send transcripts until you opt into the degree program.

Associate of Divinity

Associate of Divinity (61-62 Credits)

Associate of Divinity (28-29 Credits)

Christian Leaders Institute Classes

  • Getting Started Class Christian Leaders Basics (7 credits)
  • Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 Credits)
  • Church History (4 Credits)
  • Pastoral Care and Marriage: (3 credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)
  • Church and Ministry: (3 credits)
  • One Elective 3-4 Credits

Core Credits (33 Credits)

Transfer Credits: The fee for reviewing transcripts is included administration and processing fees. After credits are reviewed, these classes will be awarded into the CLI degree program by our official registrar.

  • College English (3 Credits)
  • Literature Course (3 Credits)
  • History 1 World or National History (3 Credits)
  • History 2 World Or National History (3 Credits)
  • College Mathematics: Basic or Business or Algebra (3 Credits)
  • Science (3 Credits)
  • Philosophy or Humanities (3 Credits) Transfer in
  • Management (3 Credits)
  • Marketing (3 Credits)
  • Psychology (3 Credits) or Sociology (3 Credits)
  • Micro or Macro Economics (3)

Total Core Classes 33 Credits

Bachelor of Divinity

Bachelor of Divinity (120 Credits) (Free CLI Classes)

In addition to the requirements for the Associate of Divinity degree, the following requirements must be satisfied in order to obtain a Bachelor of Divinity degree:

Theological Division (8 Credits)

  • Systematic Theology I (4 Credits)
  • Systematic Theology II (4 Credits)

Historical Division (7 Credits)

  • Early Church History (3 Credits)
  • Missions and Revivals (4 Credits)

Biblical Interpretation Division (11 Credits)

  • Hermeneutics and Exegesis (3 Credits)
  • Biblical Interpretation 1: Old Testament Themes (4 Credits)
  • Biblical Interpretation 2: Old Testament Themes (4 Credits)

Proclamation Division (9 Credits)

  • Christian Apologetics (3 Credits)
  • Evangelism (3 Credits)
  • Sermon Construction (3 Credits)

Spiritual Formation Division (9 Credits)

  • Prayer (3 Credits)
  • Christian Ethics (3 Credits)

Electives (23-24 Credits)

  • Church Planting (4 Credits)
  • Peace Smart (3 Credits)
  • Biblical Greek 1 (4 Credits)
  • Biblical Greek 2 (4 Credits)
  • Biblical Greek 3 (4 Credits)
  • Wisdom Literature (3 Credits)
  • and more…

   No Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.