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We offer 165+ free online Christian courses covering a variety of topics, including ministry, theology, Bible studies, practical life skills, philosophy, business, general education, and more. 

At Christian Leaders Institute, we offer two types of courses. Many of our courses are college-level and taught by credentialed faculty members who are committed to providing quality higher education. Additionally, we offer mini-courses, which are short courses on specific topics that can be finished in less than 5 hours. Students have 180 days to finish a college-level course and 90 days to complete a mini-course.

Our courses are designed in a correspondent style, allowing you to study at your own pace online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. All course materials, including videos, books, readings, and activities, are readily available for students to access as often as they wish. College-level courses include open-note quizzes after each module to assess student learning, and some may require papers that are graded by our faculty and staff members. Mini-course activities are discussion-based for students to complete. 

Recognized for your hard work

For every course a student completes, they can optionally order an official certificate of completion for $30. This certificate can be utilized to demonstrate to a church or organization that you have received training in a specific topic.

How are Free Courses Possible?

Our courses are all offered free, thanks to the generosity of many Christians, churches, foundations, and other organizations. In fact, our students and alumni contribute and support over 50% of our total budget each year. 

They all share the same vision of providing Christian education to anyone worldwide for free. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the Word of God and become better equipped to be a disciple. Learn more here

The only fees we have are optional, covering the administrative costs of our programs. These fees are kept very low due to the donation-supported model. For example, in the US, our bachelor’s degree is only $4,000, and ordering a physical copy of a diploma costs only $100.

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College-Level Courses

Check out our Christian courses in theology, Bible, ministry, general education, business, and more.


Take a short (between 1 to 4 hours) course we offer. These courses hone in on specific topics like forgiveness.

Orientation Course

You can further explore the courses, programs, and options available to you by taking our welcome course.
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