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Imagine a world where ministry training is accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints. This is the vision behind Christian Leaders Institute’s generosity-driven model, an innovative approach to education that empowers individuals to embark on a journey of ministry training without the burden of financial barriers.

CLI revolutionizes ministry education by offering free, top-quality training online. Traditional formal ministry training often comes with a hefty price tag, rendering it out of reach for many aspiring leaders. But CLI changes the game. Our free ministry classes provide a remarkable opportunity for anyone with a calling to study and grow.


Supporting this groundbreaking model are foundations, churches, and individuals who recognize the transformative impact of accessible education. However, the uniqueness of this model doesn’t stop there. CLI students and graduates are also active participants in this virtuous cycle of giving. As Vision Partners, they play a vital role in ensuring that CLI remains not only free but also effective, available, and sustainable. In fact, over 50% of Christian Leaders’ budget is supported by student givers. 

"I give because it's my way of sharing the only thing I hold of real value "CHRIST JESUS MESSAGE TO THE WORLD." - Linda G.
"I donate because I want as many people possible to have the same opportunity I had to receive the high quality ministry training that CLI provides." - Duane W.
"I give to CLI so that others that can't afford to can still get a valuable, useful, and ministry fueling seminary education in order to further the Kingdom of God." - John B.
"I give because CLI offered me the opportunity to fulfill my call in ministry by providing the education needed in order to purse ordination and my Masters." - Grant H.
"Simply put, I donate to give back for all that CLI has given me over the last 6 years in hopes that my small monthly contribution helps raise up more Christian Leaders." -Karen W.
"I donate because I want more people to be able to receive free Christian training." -Lynn B.
"I choose to donate because I agree with CLI’s Vision. I have learned much, thank you CLI!" - Robert W.
"I donate because of all that CLI has given to the Christian community and the world!" - William R.
"I chose to donate because I believe this is one of the reasons why the Gospel must be spread unrestricted- through CLI!"
- Reginald B.
"I give because I want others to have the same great opportunity that I had. Training and learning is so empowering in your personal life and ministry." -Datialisa D.
"I donate because I am able to contribute something monthly towards work for Christ." -Anthony B
"I give because I am spiritually fed at CLI." -Robert M.
"I choose to donate to Christian Leaders Institute because I want them to bless others as the education I am receiving is blessing me." - Christina P.
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CLI’s core mission is to equip leaders for revival, particularly those who may never receive a formal salary for their work—often known as bi-vocational leaders. Astonishingly, a vast majority of people worldwide lack access to high-quality higher education due to financial constraints. CLI is here to change that narrative. Say goodbye to student debt and delaying your calling. Instead, embrace a world of new opportunities for preparation and growth. 

These new opportunities are not available without the community paying it forward. Each day, donors all around the globe endorse this vision with their financial support. Our worldwide community propels CLI toward greater effectiveness. Explore the map below for a visual of these dedicated givers! Please note, this only reflects donors since June of 2023. 

Take advantage of the generosity-driven model today!