What Is Free & What Has Fees?

Christian Leaders Institute is primarily supported by the generosity of students, churches, and Christian organizations & individuals. Learn more about this model here. While all courses can be taken for 100% free, CLI also has program-specific fees. Like any donation to CLI, these fees are invested back into our vision of free Christian education for those who need it most.

"There are so many things I love about Christian Leaders, free training for ministry for those who need it to be. College level education at a fraction of the cost I would be paying elsewhere."
"God has provided you with free, high quality biblical training, without requiring you to pay the normal fees you'd otherwise have to pay at other colleges. Anyone would have to be foolish not to take advantage of this training! God has brought you to where you... Now TRUST Him and follow His guidance in your journey!"
"The Institute is a great place for to study. There programs are well tailored to be understood by any serious minded student. The instructors and professors are gifted individuals in their areas of specialties. Lastly, their free tuition programs are second to none."
"It is a blessing to be able to take these courses free or at low cost and also be part of the giving process to help others do the same. I am currently retired and this affords me the financial ability and time to fulfill God's calling at this stage of my life. Go for it!"
You won't find another place where you can study high-quality Bible and Ministry courses online for free at your own pace with the option to receive different credentials, certificates, diplomas, and even degrees which are affordable. It is a big blessing to be a student at CLI.
One cannot find a better price, and the options to use the knowledge are varying. The ability to transfer the courses into a degree is another great benefit of this training. One body, many parts.
CLI is an amazing blessing for me. It has provided a high quality education at minimal cost. The professors are top notch and the information is invaluable! If you have any type of calling CLI will develop it and help you expand your Kingdom impact for God!
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What Is Free?

Everything listed below is 100% free & available to you:

What has Fees?

Low fees apply to all of the options listed below if you choose to pursue them.

Degree Program Fees

The only programs with non-optional fees are the degrees in CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. 

Credit transfers and official transcripts also have fees that cover the administrative process to maintain these opportunities. 

Admissions Fee
$ 125
Associate Degree
$ 1500
Bachelor Degree
$ 1500
Additional Optional Costs

Products such as student ID cards, physical or digital download versions of earned credentials, clergy kits, merchandise, etc., have low fees. None of these items are required, but they are available for students who are interested or need them. Students can earn certificates, awards, diplomas, licenses, and ordinations for zero cost on the study platform (to pay for the physical credential is completely optional).

Certificate of Course Completion
$ 30
$ 50
$ 80
$ 100
$ 50
Essential Clergy Kits
$ 125
Plus Clergy Kits
$ 200
Premium Clergy Kits
$ 300
Low-Cost, Regardless of Location

Christian Leaders Institute offers Tier Pricing, which is an adjusted price based on each country’s economic circumstances. Students can find their Tier number on their student profile. 

Pursue your calling without breaking the bank!