Student Life

A community of Christians experiencing further spiritual formation together

Student Life Purpose

To enrich our students lives spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Our student life team is committed to helping the whole student learn and develop while cultivating an encouraging, diverse and godly community.

To read more about student life and services read our student handbook here.

Student Life Goals
  1. [Spiritual] For our students to grow in their relationship with Christ and biblical knowledge. We work to advance each of our students’ spiritual formation.
  2. [Physical] For our students to increase their personal health, family health and help them develop good habits as they serve the Lord.
  3. [Intelligence] For our students to further develop their intellectual knowledge and skills both in ministry and general Christian life and skills.
  4. [Emotional] For our students’ emotional well-being to thrive as they study at CLI and to also support and advise them in their educational journey.
  5. [Social] For our students to be connected to a global Christian community and to socially develop a deep, rich community of Christian encouragement and growth.
Spiritual Formation

Our courses and programs seeks to develop the key relationships of their life. We call this the seven connections with we need to be talking and listening repeatedly to build healthy relationships.

Take our Christian Leaders Connection Course

This course helps to set a strong foundation of spiritual formation for our students.
Contact Student Services

Our student services is committed to the success of all our students. Please reach out if you have any questions.


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