Homeschool College Options

Are you part of a homeschool culture? Many Christian homeschooling families notice that teenage children are often ready for college courses at a younger age. Many Christian homeschooling families have sent their teens to community college programs to begin collecting general education credits. As community colleges get more hostile to Christianity, many are looking for other homeschool college options.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) may be a fit for many Christian homeschooling families. Many homeschooling families enroll their 13-19-year-old teenagers at Christian Leaders Institute to benefit from the free Bible courses. Many homeschooling families complete courses at Christian Leaders Institute for their own growth as effective Christian teachers and leaders to their children.

Many homeschooling moms have completed free courses for their own continuing education!

Are you looking for a homeschool college option that checks off some important boxes:

Individualized and home-oriented Biblical worldview integrated Debt-free college Master’s degree opportunities for early twenties completion.

Individualized Homeschool College

Generally, homeschooled children have learned how to learn as self-starters. This approach often creates a curious mind that blossoms into learners who can complete assignments without constant accountability. We call that individualized learning.

Christian Leaders Institute offer over 100 free online college courses that include Bible topics, English, sciences, history, people smart, business, communications, ministry, life skills, and much more. Homeschool students can create their own accounts if they are 13 years or older.

Biblical Worldview Integrated Courses

Christian Leaders Institute began in 2006 offering ministry training. In fact, most of the first students were homeschoolers who appreciated the individualized learning opportunities. Our provost Dr. David Feddes and President Henry Reyenga homeschooled their children. Together they were planting a church at that time that included many homeschooling families.

Christian Leaders Institute began with a Christian worldview, and that approach has continued through today. Click here to read the Statement of Faith.  Each course was created and informed by the truth that the Bible is the Word of God and that our lives belong to Jesus Christ!

Home Oriented College Study

Homeschooling families understand the value of home learning. Many homeschool families learn together. At the Christian Leaders Institute, teen and college-age children have completed CLI courses in their homes.

Each student must have their own account. Students cannot take quizzes together, but the home forms a study center where family learning thrives.

No College Debt

The courses include materials, quizzes, and in some cases, written assignments. Still, the courses are free. Instead of being in debt thousands of dollars, this homeschool college option helps homeschooling families stay out of college debt.

There are some administration fees at the Christian Leaders Institute. The total administration cost is less than $4,00o for a bachelor’s degree.

A Partner School That Gives Homeschool College Options

Imagine taking homeschooling all the way to a Master’s level study. Homeschooled children transition to CLI’s Leadership Excellence School when they are ready sometime in their teens.

They complete their college while still at home. Maybe they are working to gain life skills while enjoying these homeschool college options to take courses and receive a college degree.

Imagine staying out of debt. Imagine getting a Christian college degree and enrolling in a Master’s Degree program.

Here are two examples of accredited colleges that accept a CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Bachelor’s degree.

In effect, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School brings a Christian college program to your home. Your graduates can enter the work world with a college degree or get accepted to one of our Master Degree partners.

Master Degree Partner Schools

Launch your homeschooled college graduate into a Master’s Degree Program!  Your cost will be a fraction of the traditional education route.