Liberty University Partners with Christian Leaders Institute

Exciting news for Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) students! Liberty University has recently updated its policies to facilitate an easier transition for CLI students and graduates looking to further their education. This development is a significant opportunity for those seeking to expand their academic and professional horizons. See other available partnerships.

Admission Opportunities at Liberty University Liberty University, known for its commitment to high educational standards and Christian values, now recognizes CLI’s candidacy status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). This Liberty University Academic Partnership recognition treats CLI transcripts as coming from an accredited institution, streamlining the admission process significantly.

Liberty University Academic Partnership – Undergraduate and Graduate Admission Paths

  • Undergraduate Applicants: Students applying to undergraduate programs must submit their CLI transcripts. These are now recognized due to CLI’s candidacy accreditation, simplifying the entry into Liberty’s wide range of undergraduate programs.
  • Graduate Applicants: CLI graduates can leverage their conferred degrees to transition into graduate studies. Liberty University offers many Master’s degree options, accommodating various academic interests and career aspirations. This ensures that CLI students can find a program that aligns with their ministry, educational, and professional goals.

Liberty University Partners with Christian Leaders Institute – Simplified Transfer of Credits

  • Accreditation Recognition: With CLI moving from applicant status to a candidate for accreditation by ABHE, the university simplifies the transfer process. CLI credits are now recognized without needing specific agreements or transfer guides. These credits must still meet Liberty’s criteria, such as relevancy to the chosen degree program, the grade earned, and the credit value.

Implications for CLI Students This policy revision at Liberty University means:

  • Enhanced Educational Pathways: CLI students can now transition more smoothly into higher degree programs, whether continuing their undergraduate education or pursuing advanced degrees.
  • Broader Acceptance: The update significantly boosts the value of CLI education within the academic community, recognizing the quality of CLI’s programs.
  • Continued Academic Support: Liberty University is committed to supporting CLI students throughout their academic journeys, offering resources and guidance to ensure their success.

Conclusion Liberty University’s recent policy update is an important milestone for Christian Leaders Institute and its students. This Liberty University Academic Partnership facilitates a smoother transition for CLI students seeking to further their education. Liberty University recognizes the quality of CLI’s education and actively supports integrating CLI students into a broader academic community. This initiative promises to open up new opportunities for CLI students and graduates, enabling them to achieve their educational and professional goals more quickly.

Now that Liberty University partners with Christian Leaders Institute,  CLI students and graduates have their efforts and achievements recognized and valued on a larger stage. Liberty University’s welcoming stance towards CLI credentials might be your next great leap forward if you’re considering your next steps in higher education.

Home School Students and Graduates Possibilities 

The Liberty University Academic Partnership with Christian Leaders Institute (CLI)  benefits Christian homeschooling graduates in various ways. Homeschooling, especially within the Christian community, often emphasizes personalized, values-based education tailored to the family’s specific beliefs and educational goals. Integrating CLI’s offerings into this educational pathway can provide numerous advantages:

Christian Leaders Institute has served Christian homeschooling families with free courses and programs for many years. See link.

Here are some opportunities through the Liberty partnership. 

1. Accredited Postsecondary Opportunities

For Christian homeschooling graduates, recognizing CLI by an institution like Liberty University means they can access an accredited post-secondary education without the typical barriers or complexities of transitioning from a non-traditional high school background. This smooths the path to gaining recognized higher education credentials.

2. Liberty University Partners with Christian Leaders Institute Means Flexible Learning Options

CLI’s online format allows homeschoolers to continue their education in a flexible, self-paced environment that aligns with the often autonomous nature of homeschooling. They can start accumulating college credits or even complete a degree program through CLI, which can then be transferred to Liberty University for further education.

3. Cost-Effective Education

CLI provides free and low-cost educational opportunities, which is particularly beneficial for homeschooling families with limited budgets for post-secondary education. Transferring credits or using a CLI degree for further education at Liberty University can significantly reduce the overall cost of higher education.

4. Continuation of Values-Based Education

Liberty University and CLI have strong Christian foundations, making them attractive options for families whose homeschooling curriculum emphasizes Christian values and teachings. This continuity ensures students can maintain the religious and ethical frameworks they value in their higher education choices.

5. Liberty University Partners with Christian Leaders Institute Means Broadened Academic and Career Prospects

By transitioning from CLI to Liberty University, homeschool graduates can access a wider range of undergraduate and graduate programs, opening up broader career opportunities. Liberty’s extensive network and resources can provide additional benefits such as internships, job placements, and career counseling, which might be more challenging to access through homeschooling networks alone.

6. Community and Support Systems

Transitioning from a homeschool environment to a university can be challenging due to the differences in social settings. CLI and Liberty University offer supportive Christian communities, easing the social transition and providing a network of peers with similar values and educational backgrounds.

7. Recognition of Non-traditional Learning

Liberty University’s acceptance of CLI credits and degrees is a formal recognition of non-traditional learning paths. This can be particularly encouraging for homeschooling families, affirming that diverse educational routes are valid and valuable in the broader academic landscape.


The Liberty University Academic Partnership with CLI  offers a valuable pathway for Christian homeschooling graduates to advance their education in an environment that respects and upholds their values. This development enhances their educational opportunities and provides a seamless transition into higher education, ensuring their unique educational journeys are recognized and valued.

Liberty University partners with Christian Leaders Institute – More career opportunities in ministry.

The Liberty University Academic Partnership with Christian Leaders Institute creates significant opportunities for CLI students and graduates, particularly in professional counseling, ministry, and chaplaincy. These areas require specific academic credentials and often state or professional accreditation, which can be more readily pursued through a recognized university like Liberty. Here’s how this relationship facilitates these opportunities:

1. Pathways to Accredited Degrees

While CLI provides foundational and advanced courses in theology, ministry, and related fields, degrees from fully accredited institutions like Liberty University are often required for licensure and certification in professions such as counseling and chaplaincy. Liberty University’s acceptance of CLI credits and degrees means students can seamlessly continue their education and earn accredited degrees necessary for professional practice.

2. Professional Counseling

Liberty University offers several programs in counseling, including degrees in areas such as Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapy. These programs are designed to meet the academic requirements for licensure. CLI students who have taken relevant courses can transfer their credits to Liberty, pursue their Master’s degrees, and fulfill the necessary educational qualifications to become licensed counselors. See Liberty programs

3. Ministry and Theological Studies

For students interested in formal ministry roles, Liberty’s range of theological and ministry degree programs—from bachelor’s degrees to Doctorates in Ministry (DMin)—provides the academic and practical training required. CLI students with foundational training can deepen their theological education, engage in advanced biblical studies, and acquire the leadership skills necessary for effective ministry.

4. Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy in healthcare, the military, and community services requires specific credentials, often including a Master of Divinity (MDiv) or equivalent degree. Liberty University offers an MDiv program that is comprehensive and designed to meet the chaplaincy certification standards set by various professional boards. CLI graduates can leverage their previous studies and experience to advance into these programs, positioning themselves for chaplaincy roles that demand a high level of theological and pastoral expertise. See Chaplaincy Options

5. Expanded Professional Networks

Studying at Liberty University allows CLI students to tap into extensive alumni and professional networks that can be crucial for career development. These networks provide opportunities for mentorship, internships, and potential job placements across various fields.

6. Enhanced Practical Experience

Liberty University provides numerous opportunities for practical experience through internships, practicums, and on-site training that are essential for professional fields like counseling and chaplaincy. Access to these resources is crucial for CLI students to meet the practical training requirements typical of these professions.

7. Liberty University Partners with Christian Leaders Institute means Financial and Academic Resources when someone transfers to Liberty

Liberty offers financial aid opportunities and academic resources that might be limited at CLI. This support can be vital for students in intensive programs like counseling and chaplaincy, where the costs and academic demands are significant.


The Liberty University Academic Partnership with CLI marks a pivotal development for CLI students aiming to enter fields that require rigorous academic training and professional licensure. This partnership validates their previous educational endeavors and provides a clear and accredited path forward in their professional and academic journeys. For those dedicated to serving others through counseling, ministry, or chaplaincy, this collaboration opens up new avenues for achieving their goals, supported by the resources and recognition of one of the leading Christian universities in the United States.