Free Ordination

What is free ordination? Free ordination could mean two things. One way to interpret free ordination is that you fill out an online form. Then, you are automatically considered ordained and are registered in a 501 (c) religious church or non-profit. There are many websites that promote this option.

You purchase an official package. No formal ministry training is required for you to be considered ordained. This free ordination approach appeals to people who want to be legally ordained, but do not desire Christian ministry training or local ministry standing.

Another Free Ordination Option

Another way is to take a free ordination program that includes formal ministry training and a local recommendation. Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway for a free ordination program that includes a process with the Christian Leaders Alliance that includes local recommendations. This makes it a local ordination with online formal training.

Find out how Christian Leaders Institute offers free ordination courses and programs –  Click here

Formal Ministry Training for Free Ordination

Christian Leaders Institute offers over 150 formal online ministry training courses. Each course has lectures, readings, and even quizzes that help you learn the materials. In addition, the licensed and ordination programs connect your ministry training with your goals.

For instance, if you desire to be a licensed wedding officiant recognized as an ordained clergy member with the Christian Leaders Alliance, you must complete a one-credit course called Christian Wedding Officiant Skills. This is ideal for someone who is asked to perform a wedding ceremony for family or friends. Included in this training are these outcomes:

The Outcomes:

  • Learn what the ministry of the wedding officiant is all about.
  • Learn what needs to happen at the first meeting with a couple.
  • Know God’s design for marriage.
  • Learn about Christian courtship as a marriage worldview perspective.
  • Get the skills of helping a couple develop a wedding program.
  • Learn the basics of a thriving marriage so you can encourage the couple to talk about pre-marriage issues.

Many More Licensed or Ordained Clergy Tuition-free Training Options

Christian Leaders Institue is your gateway to many licensed or ordination training programs. These training programs include tuition-free ministry training, including a large number of licensed or ordination clergy roles.

Click here to see more licensed ordained clergy options. These options fit those who seek to voluntarily or bi-vocationally serve as clergy in local churches or communities. If you are asked to perform a Christian wedding ceremony, this option may fit you perfectly.

Click here to see the fully ordained clergy options. The fully ordained options fit those who want to go deeper into ministry training. Often these options are for the part-time or full-time ministers who are considered ministers in a local church, ministry, or community.

Local Recommendations for Verification and Commissioning for Free Ordination

Many states such as Tennessee frown on purely online ordinations. They want formal training and local recommendations to accompany a duly considered clergy member in their state.

Christian Leaders Institute has free ordination programs that require one to three recommendations that you are a person of character and that licensed or ordained clergy status fits you.

This recommendation process takes it from an online ordination to an online ordination grounded in a local understanding of church and accountability.

This process is free of charge through the Christian Leaders Institute, partnering with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

After you have completed your ministry training and submitted your recommendations, you will be considered licensed or ordained clergy and posted on the Christian Leaders Alliance directory.

International Global Directory

The entire process is free. First, you complete the free ministry training. Then, you submit your recommendations. Those recommendations are reviewed and approved. Finally, you will finish your online profile that communicates to the world that you have completed your clergy training and recognition. Your name will be in the international directory of the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click Here to see the directory.

Purchase Your Credentials

After the formal ministry training, local recommendation program, and inclusion in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory, we invite you to purchase your credentials if you want or need to. Remember, you appear in our clergy directory even if you do not purchase official credentials. The purchase of official credentials does help us support this free ordination program, but we do not require someone to purchase their credentials. This free ordination program is for called Christians called into ministry. Click here to see Clergy Credential Packages

Steps to Enroll and Get Ordained

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the Registration Class, which takes 15 minutes.  This class familiarizes you with the ministry training process at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Two -Complete your study program that connects to your licensed or ordination clergy level.  

The training courses are to be completed at your own pace. You also have up to 6 months of enrollment in each course. Most people complete courses in days, however.

Step Three – Complete the Clergy Recognition Class appropriate to your calling and interest (0 Credits)

You will create your public profile. Then, you will submit one to three recommendations depending on the option your complete. The recommendations are important because this process makes your clergy recognition stronger than other online ordinations.

 Testimonies – Free Ordination through CLI

Veronica, Pennsylvania, USA

Free ordination

On March 27, 2021, I recently married the love of my life. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. I remember what I went through to try to put my wedding together. It was very stressful at first, but it all came together and was the most wonderful experience ever. My wedding officiant was a Pastor friend of mine who was so excited to marry us. Knowing someone to officiate made it easier for me because that was one less thing we had to worry about. It was also someone with integrity who is very well respected. After my wedding, the thought occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to marry other couples. Then, I could assist them with their wedding day as my dear friend did for us.

Finding CLI

I began to look up the requirements to marry someone in my state. I began searching online for someone who offered online training to become a wedding officiant and ordained minister. Christian Leaders Institute popped up in my search engine. After reviewing what they offered, impressed, I applied.

I love the fact that CLI is not like the other sites that don’t take the time to know who you are. I also appreciate the fact that CLI has standards, stands firm in what they believe, and asks for letters of referral which shows a sense of accountability of others who have witnessed my character. This made me feel more comfortable in knowing that they are real and legit. I don’t take ministry lightly. I believe that marrying someone is not just a thing that you do. It’s a very serious assignment that God would put someone’s life in your hands that he can trust you with to join in unity as one. It’s a lifetime commitment. I appreciate CLI for offering their services of training and other resources that are available to help assist me with fulfilling my call.

Recently, a couple asked me to officiate their wedding ceremony. I was able to use some of my training to communicate with the couple. And I am proud to say I wasn’t nervous because the training I received made me feel confident. Thank you, CLI, for all you have done and may God bless every leader and administrator of the alliance that made it possible for someone like me.

Andrew – Tennessee, USA

I came to Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance to be able to Free ordinationperform a wedding ceremony for one of my friends. I did not want to just go online and do some “legal only” ordination. After doing some research, I thankfully found Christian Leaders Institute. I am much more prepared to lead my friend and his spouse through this process, and I also feel that my license is legitimate. I may continue on in some other classes after seeing what all they have to offer.

Patrick, Massachusetts, USA

My wife is choir director and also a leader of a women’s group doing Free ordinationthe same thing that I am doing with the men. My passion to be a wedding officiant is a crazy idea that I have. I want to be the one to celebrate and officiate my daughter’s wedding, it’s a surprise she doesn’t know yet.

I thank God for the Christian Leaders institute as we are doing God’s work and tending to families, run our business, etc. CLI is allowing us to get free classes and help others, it is a blessing.

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