Knowledge of the Bible and Ministry

My Story from an Aerial View

My name is Scott Bates, and I live in Fredericktown, MO. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Historic Preservation from Southeast Missouri State University. As a student at the Christian Leaders Institute, I can continue my education in my free time, which can sometimes be limited. My knowledge of the Bible and ministry has expanded at CLI.

My Story

I grew up in a Christian home with parents who believed in God. My parents worked, and my father was a bi-vocational pastor and evangelist. I began my relationship with Jesus at a Vacation Bible School around Middle School age. I grew exponentially in the Lord during High School and served as a guitar player and vocalist on the Praise and Worship team.

During my senior year of high school, I married when we were expecting our first child. Once I graduated High School and left home, I went to fulfill my dream in the military. The transition into military life began a very long road for me. I spent ten years in the U.S. Army, went to war multiple times, and ended up losing my wife and children, my home, and nearly everything I owned, as well as my walk with Christ. My life was a complete wreck!

Wake Up Call

In March 2008, I married my current wife, Amanda (Mandy), and left for my last combat tour in November. In November of 2009, two weeks before returning home, as I went to my night shift, the enemy attacked by indirect fire. The enemy forces fired several rockets at the base, and one of those rockets landed approximately 30 feet away from where I was. That moment was my wake-up call! I spent the rest of that night determining where my life was heading and what God had in store for me.

In 2010, we moved to Fredericktown, MO, to be closer to my parents. Then, the Lord began a new work in my family’s life. God moved us away from the old things we did. He began to cleanse my heart and slowly draw me closer to Him. In 2012, we attended a local church, where I rededicated my life to Jesus.

Study at CLI: Knowledge of the Bible and Ministry

Since then, God has used my gift of helping to build His kingdom. I have served as a small group leader, Sunday School teacher, Praise and Worship team member, and church Deacon. My spiritual dream is to share my testimony with others and walk on the path God has for me.

The Christian Leaders Institute training will give me a more profound knowledge of God’s Word and practical knowledge about how to apply my spiritual gifts within the ministry. I have been longing for a better understanding of the Bible. However, I ran into a financial barrier to attaining that knowledge. Christian Leaders Institute has allowed me to grow in that academic knowledge by offering its classes tuition-free. Praise God for breaking down the financial barrier and for the Christian Leaders Institute, which allows me to grow in my knowledge of the Bible and ministry.

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