Christian Leaders Institute is excited to announce a brand new ordination opportunity! As of February, 2016, students at CLI can now get ordained for Women’s Ministry!

Why offer a specific ordination for women in ministry? Through our conversations with Gena McCown, who’s served as a women in ministry for more than 15 years, we’ve seen that this is a tremendous opportunity in churches all over the world. Like any other ministry, women’s ministry leaders will face unique challenges in their service to the Lord.

With this in mind, our women’s ministry ordination explores what it means to lead women’s ministry in a church. Why do we have women’s ministry? What is the purpose? What’s expected of a women’s ministry leader?

The Inspiration of Phoebe

One of our primary inspirations in creating this ordination is Phoebe. Phoebe is a somewhat mysterious figure in the Bible. She’s mentioned only once, with an entire 2 verses of the whole New Testament devoted to her. Yet those two verses say a lot about her character and position. They’re a personal endorsement by the apostle Paul, who most scholars believe entrusted her with carrying his epistle to the church in Rome.

Paul speaks of Phoebe as a leader in her local church. He implies that she has carried out her charge as a leader diligently, in a manner worthy of a called leader. He says that she has been a great help to many in the church, including himself. There are few people in the Bible with so little written about them whose character is so highly represented.

We believe that God continues to cal women to various roles in ministry. And we’re excited to be launching this opportunity for called women in ministry.

Ordained Specifically for Women in Ministry

The women’s ministry ordination isn’t meant to be a substitute ordination for women. We’ve already ordained several women for the full Christian Leaders Ordination and will continue to ordain women through that program. The women’s ministry ordination is a less study-intensive ordination for women specifically interested in leading women’s ministry in their church.

For this reason, there are only 26 credit hours required for Women’s Ministry Ordination as opposed to the 37 that are required for the Christian Leaders Ordination. Women who complete the Women’s Ministry Ordination are, of course, welcome to continue on and complete the full Christian Leaders Ordination if they so desire. But our focus in this ordination is on women whose vision is for Women’s Ministry.

Churches Need Women in Ministry Leaders

We’re excited about the Women’s Ministry Ordination because it will be an important resource for ministry leaders around the world. God has already called women to be women’s ministry leaders in thousands of local churches all over the world. We want to equip these leaders to disciple the women that God has given them charge of in their local church. And we thank God again for the opportunity to be part of His plan for these women across the world.

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