As a Christian woman, are you called to ministry? Are you wondering if the Bible and the early church recognized the calling you feel in your heart?

The fact is we need women in ministry more than ever! Everyone called is needed.

Why are women in ministry needed?

For Women

First and most apparent, half the population is female. The soul needs of women are often addressed more effectively by other women.

For Men

In a rapidly changing world, the other half of the population is male. Men recognize women’s gifts in new ways, whether in the workplace or the church.

Jesus Supported Women in Ministry

Jesus elevated women to essential roles in his earthly ministry. Many women followed him and even ministered to him. While most of the disciples abandoned Jesus, the women disciples were there.

Matthew 27:55   Many women were there, watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs.

The Early Church Recognized Women Ministers

The Apostle Paul asked Phoebe to carry the book of Romans to Rome. As a letter carrier, she was given further instructions about the book’s contents. This means that this woman minister was the Apostle Paul’s spokeswoman for one of his most hard-to-understand and theologically essential letters.

How do we know she was a woman minister? The Apostle Paul says so as he introduces her as his letter carrier and commends her as a minister.

The word that I highlighted is the word, “διάκονον,” which means Deacon or Minister. We know from many early church writings that Phoebe was a minister. See this interesting article from Ministry Magazine.
Click here to read a more detailed discussion of including women for ministry from Christian Leaders Alliance, our credentialing partner.

Are you called to study ministry?

Christian Leaders welcomes women to enroll in tuition-free courses through our Institute to prepare you for ministry! Over 200 thousand women have established a study account at Christian Leaders. In addition, thousands have completed ministry training programs.

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How About Licensing or Ordination?

Christian Leaders Alliance has programs that recognize your ministry training studies and awards that fit into one of five minister roles.

Those roles are:

Wedding Officiant – This program teaches you how to become a Christian wedding officiant and credentials you as a Licensed Wedding Officiant.

Commended Minister – This program consists mainly of mini-courses in targeted ministry areas. A commended minister is perfect for fitting into a local church as a volunteer minister.

Licensed Minister – This program consists of a cluster of mini-courses and full ministry courses. You can complete this program in less than six months of committed part-time study.

Ordained Minister – This program allows you to go deep into ministry. This program fits many who want to go into full-time ministry.

Coaching Minister – This program ordains you as a Coaching Minister combining ministry studies with coaching certification.

Christian Leaders invites you to join hundreds of thousands of women and men studying ministry and thousands becoming ministers.

There are also over thirty specializations that fit into these five minister roles.

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How Do I Sign Up

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