Minister Ordination

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers you free ministry training classes. CLI will help you recognize your calling and unique gifts for ministry. You will be taught with high-quality ministry training classes that prepare you for ordained leadership.

Christian Leaders Alliance, a sister organization to the Christian Leaders Institute, will guide you through a credible, internationally, and locally recognized minister ordination process. Ordained ministers are Christians who are called, gifted, trained and set apart, and locally ordained for ministry.

The Ordination Process

Minister Ordination

The ordination process includes free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute and licensing and ordination process with Christian Leaders Alliance is designed to help you have more competence, confidence, and credibility in your ministry.

The ordination process of Christan Leaders Alliance has the potential to be a life-changing journey that will launch your ministry impact!  You take relevant classes at CLI by top-notch professors that prepare you for ministry. Your competence will expand. With this training, you will become more effective in your ministry. Your confidence will grow.

As you become more effective in your ministry those to whom you minister will recognize your role in their life. Your credibility will be established.

Christian Leaders Alliance will guide you into legitimate ecuministry ordination.

There were three types of ordination status’ in the early church: Bishop, Elder, and Deacon. Christian Leaders Alliance has developed a church organization structure that puts these roles into expanding Christianity.  See Christian Leaders Alliance Structure.

As you begin your ordination journey, Christian Leaders Institute provides the training for you to become ordained as a Deacon Minister. The word “Deacon” comes from the Greek word, “diakonos,” which is translated in the Bible as Servant, Deacon, or Minister. The ordained role of the deacon minister was instituted in Acts 6 of the Bible. The Greek word “diakonos” was used to designate these leaders. The word “diakonos” was translated into Latin as the word, “ministrae.” We get the English word “minister” from that Latin word.

Christian Leaders Institute specializes in the Deacon Minister training for ordination. We guide ordained minister candidates through the training, credentialing, ordaining and commissioning process. We train minister candidates to fit in almost every Biblical Christian denominational or non-denominational church. We accent the centrally agreed on teachings, and we allow for differences on disputable matters. The minister ordination includes men or women.  The minister ordination is recognized internationally through the Christian Leaders Alliance. The laying on of hands, the ordination, is ordinarily done by local Christian leaders.  This ordination allows Christian leaders to retain their local church membership status while still being recognized as globally ordained.

The Ecuministry Program Details

1. Minister Ordination Training

Christian Leaders Institute offers you free training that gives college-grade training which prepares you for ordination as a minister. Then you will continue more training to be commissioned into a ministry role. So, you take the first two classes, namely the Christian Leaders Connection Class (3 Credits) and the Christian Basics Class (3 Credits). These two classes give you the Christian Basics Certificate.

The Christian Leaders Connection Course (3 Credits) explores your walk with God and your calling into ministry. This class explains the Christian Leaders Institute values and practices. This class whets your appetite for ministry. This class describes the generosity-driven ministry of the Christian Leaders Institute.

The Christian Basics Course (3 Credits) covers the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Topics include God, Trinity, Jesus, Bible, End Times, Sanctification, Justification, and many more subjects. Every minister needs to know these essential teachings.

Christian Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit) covers the essential teachings of conducting a Christian Wedding ceremony.

Ministry Officiant Skills (1 Credit) covers the ministry officiant skill necessary to do ministry prayers and ceremonies in most settings.

Deacon Minister Ordination Class (1 Credit) covers specific issues concerning ordination and asks you to submit three recommendations.

Total 9 credits

After you complete these two classes, you receive your certificate at Christian Leaders Institute, The Christian Basics Certificate. You can then enroll in the Deacon Minister Ordination Course

2. Minister Ordination Ordaining

After you complete the Deacon Minister Ordination course, you will ordinarily be ordained in your local community by a local pastor or ordained leader, or through a representative of Christian Leaders Alliance.

3. Commissioning to a Minister Role

Now that you are ordained, you have more credibility for ministry. You may realize that you want to be commissioned into a specialized ministry role. Christian Leaders Institute has developed specialized roles that require specific classes.

There are many ordained minister roles offered by Christian Leaders Institute through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Ordination Program Benefits

This Minister Ordination program has a local Christian church connection to confirm your character and Minister Ordinationground your ordination in the church.

Online ordination scams are usually not connected to local churches or local leaders. This lack of local connection is one of the telltale characteristics of a scam. Historically, ordination is thought of as a “church” function. Christian Leaders Institute ordination candidates have chosen local mentors to support them as they study. After students complete their study that is connected to a local mentor and since students gather the endorsements of three recommenders, this brings credibility to the ordination process. While this does not assure a qualified and credible candidate for ordination, it does go a long way to confirm the calling and qualifications of the ordained leader. The apostle Paul told Timothy,

     Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure. (1 Timothy 5:22)

Christian Leaders Institute has the standing to recognize your ordination, so it is also recognized internationally officially.

Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance are ministries of the Christian Leaders, NFP. i.e., Christian Leaders Ministries. Christian Leaders, NFP. is constituted as a 501 (c) 3 religious exemption organization, which is chartered to train and offer ordination in the vision to raise up trained and qualified Christian leaders.

After you complete your ordination study program, you will receive free digital credentials recognized on the global ordination directory, or you can purchase physical documents that verify your ordination as a deacon minister and/or your placement into a ministry role. The fees are minimal.

Christian Leaders Alliance issues these documents to you, and they are valid in most places on earth. You will also be included in the international Christian Leaders Alliance Global directory for verification.

Thousands of ministers have been licensed or ordained to serve in churches and ministries. Many have started house churches or new churches. Some are ordained to chaplaincy. Others are ordained to start ministries.

What is your calling? Are you called to leadership? Are you called to begin your ministry? Are you called to plant a church? Do you feel called to strengthen your own home and family in your relationship with God? No matter what you are called to do, ordination through Christian Leaders Alliance can help you on your ministry journey. By the time you complete your ordination, you will have a deeper understanding of God’s word, the history of the church, and practical steps to building a ministry.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute to begin your ordination journey today!

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Primary or Secondary Ordination

This ministry ordination can be either a primary or secondary ordination. If you are ordained in a denomination, an association, or a non-denominational church prior to coming to Christian Leaders Institute, this is a “secondary ordination.” We do not want to usurp any local authority in relationship to you. This ordination is to be a blessing and a confirmation of your calling and study at CLI.

If you have no local ordination option, this ordination will be recognition that you completed an advanced ministry training course of study and your calling to ministry. We also consider it a proclamation to the world that you are using your gifts for ministry in the body of Christ. After you are done with this ordination class, we will ask that you have a local leader or mentor or ordaining authority; whether a pastor, elder or deacon sign on the certificate to testify that you are a person of God who is called, who walks with God, who has the qualifications and the temperament of a spiritual leader.

We also consider this Christian Leaders ordination in the order of “Stephen in Acts 6:5 and Phoebe in Romans 13:1” in the Bible. It is not our desire to become involved in headship disputes at a local church. You will be ordained into ministry like Stephen or Phoebe were in the early churcScreen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.11.03 PMh.

Ordination Publication in the Christian Leaders Directory

Your profile on the Christian Leaders Directory will reflect your ordination status. Your bio and contact info will be pulled from Moodle into the directory site. Your updated ministry profile will also be there. Once you are ordained, we want to receive frequent updates from you about your ministry.

Ordination Recognition for Ministry

Your local calling, walk, gifts and responsibility will determine the ministry title by which you will be called. This ordaining to ministry generally covers the following areas but is not limited to this list:

  • Pastor
  • Church Planter
  • Missionary
  • Preacher or Prophet
  • Evangelist
  • Christian Leader with disabilities ministering at home (on the web) or outside the home
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Visitation Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Hospice Care
  • Marriage Care
  • Divorce Care
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Christian Counseling
  • Officiating at Weddings or Funerals
  • Church Teacher
  • Prison Ministry
  • Post Prison Ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Deacon

This ordination at Christian Leaders Institute is more related to being ordained as a “protestant”, which includes the non-Catholic or Orthodox churches. Those churches have their own ordination systems. Churches such as Pentecostal, Reformed, Baptist, Bible, Non-Denominational, and many others are the typical Christian leaders who studies at CLI. Our goal is to prepare you for ordination. Check out the Wikipedia article on “protestant”. Be aware that many protestant churches have their own closed ordination systems.

The Christian Leaders Institute ordination will be recognized by people at large and local governmental agencies. Click here to see a Youtube video, President Henry Reyenga did about Ordination at CLI.

   No Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.