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Minister Credential Program

Are you called to ministry? Are you serving in ministry and looking for a minister credential program that fits your situation?

Are you looking for a Minister Credential Program that fits your situation?

Are you called to ministry? Are you looking for a minister training program that includes free ministry training and a credentialing program that is internationally recognized? Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance partner to bring a full orbed minister credential program called Christians.

A minister credential recognizes that a called Christian has completed a ministry study concentration, been recommended by appropriate sources, and been publicly set apart or recognized by a credible religious organization, church, or denomination that oversees this process. Historically, this process has been overseen by denominations. For Students at Christian Leaders Institute, the Christian Leaders Alliance oversees this process.


What is the Christian Leaders Alliance Credential program?

The Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) started in 2014. The Christian Leaders Alliance has a global minister's commission of ordained leaders who sanctions the minister credential program at Christian Leaders Institute.

Features of the CLA Minister Credential Program

Study Programs: The minister credential program includes tuition-free ministry training with general and specialized classes. There are over 150 classes to choose from. In addition, there are ministry awards with the Christian Leaders Insitute and college degrees with the CLI's Leadership Excellence School. There are many programs of study available to you, depending on your calling and interest.

Independent Commending and Commissioning: Minister Credentials have always been about others commending and commissioning a minister into service. For instance, we read how the Apostle Paul commended Phoebe in Romans 16 as a minister who carried the book of Romans. Or we read how Timothy was commended and commissioned in 2 Timothy 1:6.

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

Getting commended by other Christian leaders is very important. The Christian Leaders Alliance evaluates every minister candidate. The Staff of Christian Leaders Institute oversees that the minister candidate has completed appropriate study programs. Commission Ministers Henry Reyenga and Brian Decook represent the commission of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

When someone is granted Christian Leaders Alliance ministry credentials, we ask that they are prayed over locally, representing the Christian Leaders Alliance. In addition, they are posted in the Global Ministers Directory as Commended Ministers, Licensed Clergy Ministers, or Ordained Clergy Ministers.

Ecuministry Ministry Credential

This is an ecuministry minister credential accepted in open credential churches, denominations, most government agencies worldwide, and the public. In addition, closed ordination churches often have their own programs that include study at their own colleges and seminaries.

Many ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance enjoy the benefits of this minister credential program for their public credentials while ministering with local membership at their closed credential granting church.

Here is an example: You are a member of a Local Denominational Church. You are asked to perform a wedding ceremony. Your denominational church requires a process that is way beyond the scope of your calling, finances, and time. The Christian Leaders Institute training program and the Christian Leaders Alliance minister credential program find the right balance for you. You will receive ministry training and a minister credential that the government and the public recognize. More and more denominational ministers are recommending the Christian Leaders Alliance to raise up local credentialed leaders to serve at their churches. The local church ordains them as deacons or elders, and they hold their global minister credentials through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Who's the minister credential program for?

- Volunteer Minister -

Are you an active Christian who sees your calling as a local volunteer minister? This means that you have limited time each week to serve in ministry, but you are highly motivated to serve well. You desire more confidence, competence, and credibility. Most volunteer ministers are not so concerned about being licensed or ordained, but they are interested in appropriate credentials for making more impact. Many women are not comfortable with being licensed or ordained. Some churches will not license or ordain women. Many situations fit being a non-licensed or non-ordained credentialed minister. If this is you, you may want to consider the Commended Minister Program.

- Part-time Ministers -

Are you interested in Bi-vocational ministry? Maybe you have time each week to do part-time ministry work at your local church or a local ministry. Perhaps you are retired and/or receive pension or Social Security income, but you would need some supplemental income. Being a recognized minister may fit you well. The Licensed Clergy Minister program often fits this situation very well.

- Full-time Ministers -

Are you looking for a full-time position in ministry? Are you looking for an extensive ministry training program and an ordination track that give you more in-depth training? For example, are you interested in being ordained as a Youth Minister? This is a two-year program. On the other hand, if you are interested in being a career Chaplain or being ordained as a minister of the Word, these two minister roles require a four-year training program. The Ordained Clergy Minister program has many options and may be right for you.

Stair Steps:

The great part of the Christian Leaders Alliance approach is that you can start with becoming a trained and credential wedding officiant, then progress to a commended minister status, step your way to licensed clergy minister status, and eventually step your way up to being fully ordained. Amazing Coaching Minister are also available.

Christian Officiant – The Officiant program is least amount of study at Christian Leaders Alliance. The core credential for the program is the Christian Wedding Officiant. One study course and one recommendation are needed for this credential. This program is both a core and a specialization in itself. It is considered an entry minister credential into the Christian Leaders Alliance. Many who receive these credentials continue with further studies.

This credential allows you to confidently and legally officiate weddings throughout the United States and many places worldwide.

Commended Ministers – The Commended Minister program has been traditionally thought of as a lay minister category training. This program incorporates primarily mini-courses that take less time to complete. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Coaching Ministers -The Life Coach Minister credentials are designed for those who seek to practice coaching as credentialed ministers. You need to submit two local endorsements for this ministry program. Coaching ministry or life coach ministering is perfect for those who have a coaching practice or serve in a church as coaching ministers. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Licensed Ministers – The Licensed Minister program is designed for those who are primarily volunteering or part-time ministers. These ministers often have another means for their primary support. You will need two local endorsements for this minister program. After you complete this core minister program, you can study any specialization.

Ordained Ministers – The Ordained Minister program is designed for those interested in deepening their ministry preparedness. This program is more suited to those seeking full-time minister positions. There are three recommendations required in all ordination programs. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

What are the requirements for each minister roleClick here to find out more. 

Over 30 Specializations.  Click here to check them out. 

Minister Credential Packages

Christian Leaders Alliance makes a Minister Credential Package available to order at the end of each Minister Credential Program. We recommend you purchase their package for a few reasons.

First, by buying one of the packages, you will help keep the program free for those who cannot afford ministry training. We thank you for supporting the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

Second, we recommend you purchase your package and display your minister credential at your home. Then, others will see that you have completed a minister credentialing program.

Third, the process often changes you! The training and the receiving of recommendations give you the confidence to really pursue your calling to ministry.

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