Were you asked to officiate a wedding? Are you interested in completing a Christian wedding officiant program in less than three weeks? Do you want a program that is committed to the Christian world and life view? 
Join thousands of others who got ordained online through a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant program that gives you both global and local recognition.
The program includes:
Free Wedding Officiant Study Course including Christian content for pre-marriage counseling and ceremony success training.
Local Recommendation and Commissioning make your online program more than an “online ordination.” Recognized and legal in all fifty states. 
Connection to the Christian Leaders Alliance, a Christian religious organization that credentials licensed and ordained clergy members in many ministry roles besides this one.
Clergy credential packages are available at a low cost. See Recognition Packages

Christian Wedding Officiant Study Course

Christian Leaders Institute trains Christians who are seeking to minister. Since the early days of Christianity, ministry training was a high priority for volunteers, part-time, or career ministers.

The School of Tyrannus in Ephesus housed a formal ministry training place where the Apostle Paul was a professor for two years. The synagogues were less welcoming to the Christian mission, so Paul separated the Christian disciples for ministry training. We read in Acts 19:9-10

Paul took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord.

Ministry training is essential for a Christian wedding officiant. Formal Ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute includes the following outcomes.

The outcomes:

  • Learn what the ministry of the wedding officiant is all about.
  • Learn what needs to happen at the first meeting with a couple.
  • Understand God’s design for marriage.
  • Learn about Christian Courtship as a marriage worldview perspective.
  • Get the skills of helping a couple develop a wedding program.
  • Learn the basics of a thriving marriage. Then, you are in a situation where you can encourage the couple to talk about pre-marriage issues.

This Christian wedding officiant course takes less than two weeks of part-time study to complete. You will receive 100 points or one CLI’s Leadership Excellence School credit for a passing grade. More importantly, you can confidently officiate a Christian wedding.

Christian Wedding Officiant Local Recommendation and Commissioning

What makes “an online” Christian Wedding Officiant program local?  Christian Leaders Alliance is a worldwide ecuministry denomination specializing in helping volunteer, part-time and full-time ministers get their ministry credentials. Further, the Christian leader’s Alliance is governed by a Commission of Ministers representing different parts of the world.  Click here to see the Minister Commission page.
This international commission of ministers has a process where you must receive the appropriate number of local recommendations depending on your clergy role. This process brings a commending element to the local recognition of clergy status. The local recommenders will also often be part of the clergy commissioning prayer. This whole process makes this a local clergy commissioning overseen by a global minister’s commission. This is NOT an INSTANT ONLINE ordination. This process mirrors the early church ordination practices.
Since this Christian Wedding Officiant role focuses on a specific ministry role, you only need one recommendation.

Christian Wedding Officiant Credibility

Ultimately, clergy recognition is not just a piece of paper or credentials you get in the mail. Many ordination credential websites have made legal ordination as easy as sending money in exchange for clergy credentials.

Most people know this fact. And, most couples asking someone to marry them overlook this because they value the person and want to officiate their wedding. However, what if instead of just rushing clergy credentials with your name on it, you instead completed a program that prepared you to officiate that wedding?

We have found this to have many extra benefits:

  • The training will make the whole experience go better. You will have the credibility to give leadership on a significant wedding day.
  • You will feel more confident because you are prepared and commended as a minister and part of a minister alliance.
  • Your credentials show that they are not from an instant ordination. When you bring your credentials to your pastor or recommender and say a commissioning prayer, you will experience spiritual legitimacy.

The process is powerful. The recommendation you receive will launch you as a Christian wedding officiant.

Christian Wedding Officiant Steps for Program Admission

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute

Step Two -Complete your Wedding officiant study program that connects to your licensed Christian Wedding Officiant requirements. 

The training courses are to be completed at your own pace—most people complete courses in days.

Step Three – Complete the Clergy Recognition Class (0 Credits)

You will create your public profile. Then, you will submit one recommendation. You will order your credentials and get commissioned in prayer after you receive them in the mail.  (However, you are not required to order the credentials to be listed on the Clergy Directory)

Christian Wedding Officiant Testimony

Josh – Illinois

I want to be an official licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, and Christian Leaders Institute is making that aspiration possible.

Close friends are planning a wedding. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they limited their guest list for health and safety precautions. Based on my faith, involvement in church, and leadership in marriage ministries, the couple asked me to officiate their Christian wedding. I enrolled with Christian Leaders Institute to meet state requirements, while, more importantly, upholding God’s standard for marriage recognition and pronouncement.

After much prayer, I found peace and confidence in Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

This program has already encouraged me to enroll and complete other Bible-based courses like Bible Basics, which provides biblically based context and history to the principles of Christianity.

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