Are you called to minister? Are you looking to study the Bible to complete ministry programs? Does free college-level Christian leadership courses for ministry training programs interest you?

Christian Leaders Institute is a ministry of Christian Leaders College and your gateway to fulfilling ministry credentials that fit your needs.

Ministry Learning Awards 

These ministry awards recognize the completion of ministry and Bible training programs. They are also accepted by the Christian Leaders Alliance in the clergy recognition program, including many licensed and ordained roles.

College-Level Courses accepted by Christian Leaders College (CLC)

Christian Leaders Institute is a ministry of Christian Leaders College and most of your college-level courses you complete can be credited for Christian Leaders College programs. These include certificates, diplomas, and degree programs. 


Christian Leaders Institute  

Christian Leaders Institute is located in Spring Lake, Michigan. The college staff oversees the work of the institute and the college. Much of the administration work of both the college and the institute is conducted at the Michigan location.

Office Hours: 9-3 Monday – Friday

17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Number: (616) 777-0305

Christian Leaders College

The administrative headquarters of Christian Leaders College is located in Florida.

7600 Bryan Dairy Rd
Suite B
Largo, Florida 33777

Florida Phone Number: 727-230-1036

Organizational Reference

Christian Leaders does business as Christian Leaders College.

See State of Florida Christian Leaders, NFP Profile at the Florida Website

Vision and Mission

Christian Leaders College and Institute are higher education institutions with the mission to launch leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong and empowered ministry skills, and a passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking a revival.

Available Education – Personal, Ministry, or Professional

Education for persons called by God to grow in their Christian walk and to serve in ministry for the advancement of the gospel, whether personal, volunteer, part-time, or full-time.

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Faithful Education – Based on the Bible and Christian Theology

The development of the student’s knowledge of the Bible and spiritual formation to enable building a worldview and way of life rooted in and centered around Jesus Christ.

Diverse – Global Impact

The expansion of students’ skills and understanding of their call and gifts for the advancement of effective ministry in diverse cultural contexts.

Relational – Local Connections of Learning

Understand the meaning and explore the importance of relational ministry utilizing a local mentor who encourages and models holistic improvement for ministry.

Credentialed – Adult Education Program, College Degree Program, and Clergy Recognition Program

Education to achieve the necessary credentials and recognition for ministry opportunities worldwide.

Leadership – Dedicated administrators and staff with integrity

Connect to institutional personnel that model integrity, a culture of improvement, and educational effectiveness.

Library – Learning resources to support study and information literacy

Accessible learning resources of diverse media for the support of teaching and learning.

Faculty – Professors who model and connect

Qualified and credentialed practitioners who are trustworthy in teaching and guiding their students in their personal and professional ministry preparation.

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