Free Pastoral Online Training Program

Are you called to be a pastor? Do people see that your walk with Christ influences others to seek God? Are you looking for confidence and competence in your ministry role? Maybe you are already a pastor, but you have never received quality training?

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to a free pastoral online training program that gives you many options!

Free Pastoral Online Training – Donation-driven Concept!

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers hundreds of tuition-free ministry training courses and mini-courses. These courses are made possible through a generosity driven-concept where supporters believe that ministry training courses should be free of charge to those called into the ministry.

After 10 years in the Harrow Chapter of the Heaven’s Saints Outreach. I have retired from motorcycle ministry and have started a Home-based church

For years I wanted to pursue Christian training on a professional level but because of financial issues, I was never able to. That is until I was told of the opportunities at Christian Leaders Institute. The joy I felt that day when I found out I had been accepted as a student was such a beautiful day. My prayers were answered and to this day I am so grateful to C.L.I.

Currently, I am retired with a focus being on pastoring and expanding our home-based church and continue in advanced studies. Thank you to CLI for the excellent training. Pastor Gary Wright.

Christian Leaders Institute staff should be nominated for a Nobel Prize for what they have accomplished…a donation-driven college! Who would have thought that possible?

The fact is Christians called to be volunteer, bi-vocational, or full-time ministers do not need education debt that will hold them back from serving as pastors. Instead, free pastoral online training is needed.

Free Pastoral Online Training – Program Options

If you are looking to study as a pastor or expand your pastoral training to include studies, Christian Leaders Institute has some program options to consider.

Pastor Training

Christian Leaders Institute has ministry training courses in many pastoral areas, including Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Ministry skills, and Preaching skills. In addition, there are many awards programs available.

If you are interested in doing pastoral ministry in areas such as youth or marriage ministries. There are many courses of study the will fit!

My husband and I have been involved in Marriage Enrichment at our local church for 9 years and then moved to Young Adults Ministry where we are trusting God to bridge the gap between our older and younger generation as we have a passion to see young people who are sold out for Christ.

My personal reason for signing up for free pastoral online training with CLI is to gain a better understanding and revelation of God’s word and be able to read the Bible and read for meaning and interpret scripture accurately and in line with God’s will and purpose for our lives.

Licensing and Ordination

Christian Leaders Institute trains clergy ministers for the Christian Leaders Alliance. The Christian Leaders Alliance recognizes the Free Pastoral Online Training you receive at Christian Leaders Institute. In addition, there is licensing and ordination recognition for those beginning their pastoral journey and those seeking in-depth training and recognition.

Clergy Recognition Programs

Licensed Christian Wedding Ministers – These programs are designed for those called to volunteer or bi-vocational ministry. You will be licensed to minister to those who are getting married. You will be licensed as a Christian wedding pastor, and you can perform a Christian wedding ceremony as a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.  Click Here for More details. 

Ordained Minister Programs – Maybe you would like more in-depth training and ordination recognition. There are many ordination roles at Christian Leaders Alliance for you to consider. Click here to find out more.

College Credentials

Are you interested in college credentials? CLI’s Leadership Excellence School uses your Free Pastoral Online Training courses to put together many college credential programs where you can receive certificates, diplomas, and degrees. In addition, the college degree is recognized by accredited institutes like Ohio Christian University if you desire to pursue master-level studies.

The college program includes low administration fees. These fees are tiered to be affordable in developing nations and developed nations throughout the world. Click here to look at fees.

Click here for CLI’s Leadership Excellence School

Specialized Ministry Roles

Christian Leaders Institute is also a great place to be trained in some specialized ministry roles such as:

Chaplaincy – The chaplaincy program has many courses of study for awards or college credentials. Click here for more details. 

Life Coach Minister – The Life Coach Minister program includes a curriculum that gives you advanced training as a life coach, including a three-credit college-level course that takes you deep into the training to be a life coach minister. Click here for more details. 

Matchmaker Minister – The Matchmaker minister program is for the pastor called to assist those seeking a Christian spouse.  Click here for more details.

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