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Free Internet Biblical Training for a Single Mom’s Struggle

Hello everyone. I am so amazingly happy to be doing this course with a free internet biblical training through CLI and finished my first level.

My name is Chantel Meyer and I live in South Africa. I am a single mom of 2 boys now aged 18 and 16. I have raised them on my own for the last 15 years. During this time, I have been through so many tough and lonely times. Times when I didn’t know whether or not I was doing the right thing or making the right choices without having a partner to bounce ideas and decisions off of. There were so many times that my faith was tested, and many of those times I failed miserably in my quest to do the right thing and follow God’s word.

I first found my precious Heavenly Father 14 years ago, at a time of my life when I was at my lowest. I was going through my divorce and my husband was still living with us. It was a time of great frustration and upheaval for all of us, especially the kids. Neither of us could afford to move out so we ended up still living in the same house during the year of our divorce. Every Sunday when I went to church, he would ridicule me and ask me where my God had gotten me. I stood on my faith but it was still a very difficult time for me.

As the years went on, there were many easier and some even more difficult times but during them all, I knew that I wasn’t alone and that God wouldn’t let me down. No matter how hard a situation, I knew that He would be there with me, standing right next to me. Still today I feel this even though I know that times ahead will not always be easy. Most of all I know that the glorious love that I feel from God’s grace is abounding and I cannot live without it.

I want to continue with this course with CLI’s free internet biblical training and get my Diploma in Ministry and spread the amazing word of God to everyone who will listen, and even to some of those who won’t. I won’t give up because I know that everyone needs His word and His love. I know what it’s like to feel the need to have that void filled and no matter what you try, only God’s love and grace can fill it. I have always felt that I have a calling and now thanks to Christian Leaders Institute’s free internet biblical training, I have a way to fulfill my calling.

God Bless to you all and may you be filled with the love and grace of our Heavenly Father forever!!

Christian Leaders Institute’s Free Internet Biblical Training Enrollment

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