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Being Fulfilled in Gospel Ministry in the United States

Praise God! My name is Junious R. Buchanan Sr. I currently live in the United States, in the great state of Louisiana. I am a veteran of the US Army who served 10 honorable years of service. I currently serve as Senior Pastor at The Church Of Jesus Christ Apostolic Ministries, a very vibrant congregation in the Amite, La. I am blessed to have a beautiful family where my wife and I have seven bundles of joy. We live to become more and more like our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

Ministry in our area is complicated in many facades. I believe that the challenges that we all face is directly related to the opposition that our enemy has attempted to destroy our blessed hope of salvation that was provided for us when Christ redeemed all of man kind. Specifically salvation has been diluted to the place that Christianity and salvation have been given a false identity. During these times I have witnessed a movement of people who label themselves as Christians yet do not practice the ways of a disciple. Many have misplaced trust in man, only to find that man is not the answer. Many have placed trust in material things, only to find those things won’t suffice. The common denominator seems to be the falsehood of the mirage that has been lobbied by the works of the enemy. Many consider they are going the right way but are not lead by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Some of the more earthly challenges are also inevitable. One that seems to plague many of my friends and fellow labors is resources. Many have awesome dreams and plans yet are limited by resources. I have also seen that there is much discord amongst brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. There is much more we can accomplish with teamwork. One other challenge that I’d like to make mention of is commitment. The Bible teaches us, the laborers are simply few.

God called me into the Gospel Ministry at a very young age. If my memory serves me correctly I was around the age of 10. My mother and father took me to church ever since I can remember. I can truly say now that even in going to church I did not understand salvation fully. As I got older friends of my parents and people that I’d never met a day in my life would say,” God’s got a call on your life.” I would always write it off as if they were just making small talk. I then begin to notice at an early age that I excelled in learning the Word of God. The more I learned the more I’d find myself getting into trouble. I can see now it was an early attempt to cut off my purpose in God. I began as a teen to do my best to blend in to the normal crowd. I always wondered why I just never seemed to get as comfortable as I had perceived them to be. I guess I can say now I can see. Nevertheless that did not sway me from a life of disobedience to God and my parents.

At the age of 11 my father began ministry. I had many mixed emotions about this. I was excited on one hand and still curious on the other. My curious side won for the time being. After 16 years of running, hiding, and many near death experiences, I gave Jesus my whole heart. I came to Christ exhausted with very little to offer but me. I soon found out that me was all he wanted. All that I am, and all that I hope to be, I owe to the glory of God.

Our vision is to establish an effective gospel ministry to reconcile the lost. We focus on the truth of God’s Word, and the Love that he wants us to display.

With the gospel ministry training that I will receive I plan to continue the work that God has given me. My vision is to expand the gospel ministry that has been established to different parts of my community, state, and country and as far as God says.

I believe that education is vital in the work that God has laid before me. I have faced many obstacles while pursuing my post secondary education. I was deployed to Afghanistan after finishing my first year in college. After missing so much instruction I found it difficult to readjust. Now I have a family and without CLI being a free online college, I would have a difficult time to get the formal education that I need to continue in the knowledge of The Lord.

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