Cameroon Bible Training

Cameroon Bible Training

I am Eleanor Nkwenti from Cameroon. Born in 1983 to both Cameroonian parents, I have never left my country to go anywhere. I was rejected by my dad when I was still in my mother’s womb and so I grew up knowing no father. Several times I went to his house to try and see if he would accept me and send me to school, but it was all to no avail. I loved school so much that, even though my mum was raising us in abject poverty, I had the strength to go around and sell all kinds of things to get fees. From Primary fourth till Upper sixth, where I had my Advanced Level, I sponsored myself with little assistance from Christian brethren or relatives. In the midst of our suffering my mum, who was a Baptist Youth Choir Leader, took me and my siblings to church. I gave my life to Jesus at the age of eight and started teaching Sunday school at the age of nine. I still teach children today and am also a worship leader. I am now married to pastor Nkwenti and we have two lovely kids, Evanis and Kashman. We have our own ministry called Spiritworld Ministry.

In my country we have “a form of godliness but deny the power there of.” We all claim to be Christians but all we mostly want are miracles. Most of our people are not rooted in the word and they don’t even take the time to learn. So, doing ministry in my country is not an easy task. Most of our ministers are all about “power,” and “word of knowledge,” with no deep knowledge of the word of God or even the God they claim to know. There is a strong need for Bible teaching and Christian education.

My deepest desire is to see people focus their attention on studying the Word of God and come to know the Lord better. I also love children so much that I want to be able to raise up a Children’s Bible School and Center, because we have nothing for Christian children in our country. The reason I want to minister to children is because I see the need for somebody to bring up these kids in God’s ways. Secondly I want to study because I am married to a servant of God, and I want to assist him. On August 15th of 2000 and again on August 15th 2001, I had a revelation from God calling me into ministry though I was still a kid. I had been running from it but then finally submitted to His will. I ran so much so that when my present husband proposed to me and said he wanted to go to Bible school, I refused to marry him. But God knows just how to get us, and here I am.

My area lacks money to fund the Gospel. We are really backward and need help. We don’t have good Christian libraries and there is much poverty. Things are very expensive and there’s not enough money to do anything. Even without proper training, I have been given a lot of responsibilities. I am currently the head of the children’s church and the charity work. We have been buying school supplies for all the kids in our children’s church for the past four years, and with the number increasing to 146 this August, our desire is to have the resources to do more. I am also the Worship Leader of the church because that was the area that I was called into. My husband, who is my greatest inspiration, is totally behind me in all that I do.

I really need this Cameroon Bible Training  CLI so that I can know the word of God better and have the confidence to be able to share freely with others. I want to be able to train children so that they can go out and evangelize their friends. I need this scholarship because presently, we don’t have enough resources to pay for local Cameroon  Bible Training  for me. And lastly, I want to encourage others by letting them know that there are people out there with CLI committed to helping them grow. This scholarship will really boost my faith in JEHOVAH JIREH.

I would like prayer that God would give my husband and I enough money to continue to take care of the children and also to extend our ministry building to the orphans outside. Our community appreciates people who talk God and show God through finances by helping the needy. Thank you for your patience.

If you are interesting in taking this Cameroon Bible Training into local ordination click here to fine out more details.

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