Wedding Minister Program

Are you a Christian? Have you been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony?  Does it matter to you that your clergy minister license is not just a piece of paper you instantly order? Are you called to advance Christian marriage in your family and community? Are you looking for a way to get ordained online that includes local recognition?

Are you looking for a credible and legally acceptable wedding minister program of study and clergy credentialing? Do you have limited time but still want to get the needed training to do a great job as a wedding minister?

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to a wedding minister program that includes studies and credentials. We have three wedding minister options for you to consider.

Christian Leaders Institute Wedding Minister Program

The Christian Leaders Institute Wedding Minister program has three tuition-free study and low fee credential options to consider. First, as a licensed wedding minister, you will be legally recognized clergy sanctioned to perform wedding ceremonies in all fifty states and many places worldwide.

Do any of these wedding minister clergy options work for you?

Option 1 – Become a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant (1 Credit)

The Christian Wedding Officiant course is designed to meet the needs of someone asked to perform a Christian wedding ceremony. This first option will take you 5-10 hours of study to complete.

This option is perfect for a very busy person but wants online wedding officiant skills training and locally recommended clergy credentials.

Program Requirements

  • Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit)
  • Level One Endorsement Status (0 Credits)
  • Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition mini-course (0 Credits)

Option 2 – Become a Licensed Minister (13 Credits)

The licensed minister program is perfect for men or women called into volunteer or bi-vocational ministry. This 13 credit program includes Biblical and Theological studies, ministry studies, people skills, and ministry officiant skills, including Wedding Officiant Skills.

Licensed Minister (13 Credits)

The Licensed Minister clergy role is a 13 credit training program.

Program Requirements

Registration mini-course (0 Credits)
Connections (3 Credits)
Christian Basics (3 Credits)
Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
Influence Smart (1 Credit)
Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit)
Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Credits)
Licensed Minister Recognition Class (0 Credits)

Total:  13 Credits

Steps to Complete One of the Wedding Minister Programs

Step One – Enroll at Christian Leaders Insititute – Complete the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course.  This class familiarizes you with the ministry training process at the Christian Leaders Institute. This Course includes actual training to get you going.

Step Two -Complete your study program. 

The training courses are designed to be completed at your own pace. You have up to 6 months of enrollment in each course. Most people complete courses in days, however.

Step Three – Complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class appropriate to the wedding minister option you pick (0 Credits)

You will create your public profile. Then, you will submit one or two recommendations depending on the option your complete. The recommendations are important because this program is part of a process that makes your clergy recognition much more than an online ordination.

Licensed Wedding Minister Program – Testimonies


Our youngest daughter, on Easter Weekend, had asked me if I Wedding Minister Programwould officiate her wedding. I am pursuing becoming a licensed Christian Wedding officiant so that I can confidentially serve my daughter’s request and at the same time expand my skills for possible future requests.


Hello, my name is Ana Garcia. My husband and I have a church ministry in California. Becoming a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant will help me in so many ways. We’ve been in our congregation for 16 years. So many times, people asked me to officiate their wedding. However, because of the monetary situation and the expense in our council to become ordained, I started to look into programs online. Thank God, I found the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). I am an accountant and in the process of becoming a notary. With this license with the Christian Leaders Alliance, I will have all the credentials needed for the professional services company I have.


Pre-pandemic, I taught an in-person class of women in Muskegon at a local shelter. I designed the class and centered it around healthy relationships, boundaries, and knowing God. I have a desire to serve women who’ve been in abusive relationships.

Now, I am here at Christian Leaders Institute to become legally qualified to perform a marriage. My daughter is getting married this year, and she and her fiance asked me to officiate their ceremony. With great honor, I accepted and then sought out a way to achieve this from a Christian perspective that would give me a biblical background. I plan to perform a beautiful, Christ-centered ceremony.

The wedding officiant training at CLI and licensing with the Christian Leaders Alliance are perfect for me at this time.


For me, the CLI licensing programs are the long-awaited lights at the end of long dark tunnels for all called individuals who need credentialling options. Individuals with training get permission to minister from a credible established Christian institution. CLI has only one theological coloring – Faith in Christ and the supremacy of Scripture in matters of faith and living. Discovering CLI was a miraculous sign that all hope was not yet lost for me to be the servant GOD called me to be from my teens.

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