Get ordained online free by taking ministry classes

Get Ordained Online – Is that Possible?

Are you a Christian? Do you want to be credentialed as a wedding officiant? You may be interested in learning more about becoming ordained. 

Have you thought about the “get ordained online” option? 

The critical issue here is not that there are online programs for minister credentials. Instead, the crucial point is “instant” or “transactional only.” 

The challenge with” instant ordination” is the instant nature. Minister credentials are like other credentials. Take becoming a hairstylist. Would you go to a hairstylist who is untrained and uncertified? 

Some Minister roles only require less ministry training. Others require more. Take a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant. The wedding officiant requires that you: 

  • Learn what the ministry of the wedding officiant is all about. 
  • Learn what needs to happen at the first meeting with a couple.
  • Learn how to research local government requirements. 
  • Learn God’s design for marriage.
  • Learn how to put together wedding programs with couples.
  • Learn how to conduct wedding rehearsals. 
  • Learn the basics of putting together a wedding message. 
  • Learn how to conduct the actual wedding. 

While this is less training than becoming a pastor or church planter, you can see essential issues here. 

The Christian Leaders Institute offers a “get ordained” online program like colleges offer online degree programs. This program includes online free ministry training and a program connected to the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

Get Ordained Online Program Details

Let us explore this in more detail. 

Christian Leaders Institute partners with the Christian Leaders Alliance to offer a credible free clergy program. This program includes:

  • Online Ministry Training – The training includes Over 165 courses, including dozens of classes suited for minister credentials. Get ordained online with credible instruction. 
  • Endorsement Process – You need endorsements to receive your credentials. The Wedding officiant has only one recommendation, but the ordained minister has three. This offline recommendation process makes your license and ordination more credible.
  • Global Digital Directory – Once you complete the endorsement process, the Christian Leaders Alliance posts you on the Global directory minister directory free of charge.
  • Order Credentials – We suggest you order your minister credentials. In the USA, packages range from $125 to $300. These packages help support the work of the ministry. See Clergy Kits.
  • Commissioning – Christian Leaders Alliance suggests you have a commissioning service. This commissioning lets your community know what God has done in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Long does getting the Licensed Wedding Officiant? Can I get ordained only with Christian Leaders Alliance in a short time? 

The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant takes about 10 hours of study and one recommendation. Click here to look at this course and program. 

Wedding Officiant Skills and License Program

This the Christian Leaders Alliance a denomination?

The Christian Leaders Alliance is like a denomination, but open to ecuminstry connection with local churches and other denominations. That means you can be credentialed with Christian Leaders Alliance and still be involved in another church or denomination. 

How many Minister Roles does the Christian Leaders Alliance offer through Christian Leaders Institute? 

You can get ordained online through three levels of training, with Fifteen roles.

Diakonos (Core Roles) – 

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant – The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant is the first minister credentialing role available. With 5-10 hours of study and one recommendation, you can confidently and competently become a recognized Wedding Officiant. You will be licensed through the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

Field Minister  – The Field minister builds on the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant role and takes you one step further in being recognized as a minister. The Field Minister will also upgrade a local lay minister to a clergy status so that you can serve more effectively in your local church or community.  This is a top-rated program if you want to get ordained online through Christian Leaders Alliance. 

This role is ideal for: 

  • Retired Christians who want to serve
  • Church Elders
  • Church Deacons 
  • Business Leaders 
  • Home School Moms
  • More

Coaching Minister – Coaching Minister is a licensed clergy status program. You are considered a licensed minister who is also a coach or life coach. This program builds on the previous program as well. 

Licensed Minister – The Licensed Minister opens the door for you to minister in various ways in your church or community. This minister role is among the most popular minister roles at the Christian Leaders Institute. 

Licensed Ministry Chaplain – The Licensed Ministry Chaplain is perfect for those called to serve at local fire departments or civic organizations as volunteers. 

Ordained Minister – This minister role is the first ordination clergy role granted through Christian Leaders Alliance using the training at Christian Leaders Alliance. This role allows you to do all the essential functions of ordained ministry.  You will need three recommendations for this role. 

Each of these roles includes specialization that can be added, such as youth or marriage. Click here for a list of specializations.

Advance in your Clergy Training and Recognition Journey

Next, look at “Prebuteros and Episcopos” roles offered through Christian Leaders Institute in partnership with Christian Leaders Alliance. 

All the following Prebuteros and Episcopos roles build on the previous clergy recognitions. You will be considered an ordained minister as your foundation. These roles help you go deeper and make you more confident and competent to serve in ministry.

Presbuteros (Intermediate Ordained Roles) 

Evangelist – The Evangelist is trained in specialized courses in sharing Christianity. 

Professional Coaching Minister – This minister role credentials you with advanced minister training connected with your coaching training. 

Pastor/ Shepherd/ Priest – This role credentials you for advanced pastoral leadership in a local church. 

Bi-Vocational Pastor/ Shepherd/ Priest – This minister role is perfect for someone who seeks to pastor a local church as a bi-vocational pastor. 

Ordained Ministry Chaplain – This ministry chaplain role gives you more confidence and competence as you serve your community. 

Episcopos (Advanced Ordained Roles)

Commissioned Minister – This role prepares you to serve in many denominational minister programs. Check your local denomination for their specific requirements. 

Apostle/ Missionary – This role is for the spreaders of Christianity in their communities. This role gives advanced training about how to spread Christianity systematically. 

Minister of the Word – This Minister role gives you over 123 college training credits, explicitly focusing on most areas covered in ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. In addition, the Minister of the Word is a super spreader of Christian influence. 

Kingdom Chaplain – The Kingdom Chaplain is a super spreader of ministry in minister-chaplain-appropriate areas. This role is ideal for a corporate chaplain or a Community developer. 


Please note these are not “instant ordinations” that you can buy; this is a rigorous credible program from a recognized online ministry training school and a recognized alliance of clergy leaders.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

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“Christian Leaders Institute is an amazing school that has taught me so much. It is not a quick ordination program it is an amazing educational program that is based firmly on the word of God. I highly recommend CLI and stand by them as an amazing school.”

Scarlet BlackstoneCLA Ordained Minister

If you are looking for a way to grow and become ordained and be a revival leader Christian Leaders Institute Is a great place to start. I have been enrolled in CLI for over a year and it has truly help me to believe and know God’s will for my life.

Greg Miller CLA Ordained Minister

“Amazing and life-changing opportunities with CLI – I’m a student for life 🙌”

Pastor Rudi FerreiraCLA Ordained Graduate

“I have completed my deacon minister ordination and I am starting on my Chaplaincy ordination. This has been such an incredible learning experience for me!”

Lyle DelpCLA Ordained Minister

The Ordained Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant – Get ordained online

Completing the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant is the quickest track to becoming a recognized clergy member. Get ordained online through this program, including one ministry training education credit. Plus, you will need one recommendation.

The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential is perfect for the person asked to do a wedding. If that is you and you want to learn how to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, this class will teach you some of the best practices.

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant is more than just training. After you complete this class, you will be a Licensed Wedding Officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The benefits of completing the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program:

  • This program has actual Christian leader training. Most online ordination websites send you a piece of paper that says you are ordained.
  • When you complete this program of study, you will earn credentials with the Christian Leaders Alliance. 
  • You are posted in the worldwide Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Directory.
  • Government officials can look your name up as a recognized clergy member who has received ministry training. You get licensed or ordained online through a credible, recognized college-level program.
  • Optional: You can order Clergy Kits that recognize your clergy status.

Program Requirements: 

  • Christian Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 Credit)
  • Level 1 Endorsement – You must gather 1 recommendation
  • Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Credential Class (0 Credits)

Total: 1 Credit

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