Get ordained online free by taking ministry classes

Are you called to ministry? Ordination is a vital part of ministry because ordination is like certification but more. Ordination is about calling, study, recommendations from others, and commissioning.

Christian Leaders Institute partners with the Christian Leaders Alliance to include all those important features into an ordination program which is largely through online activities.

So that means you can get ordained online as a licensed wedding officiant minister to legally conduct marriage ceremonies.

Are you called to be ordained in more advanced ministers roles?

Here are the ordained ministers roles currently available through the Christian Leaders Institute ministry training.

Christian Leaders Institute Ordained Minister roles: 

Our goal is to make your ministry ordination credible and recognized to fit your calling and need! We want others to see you as called and prepared for ministry.

At Christian Leaders Institute, we have a free study program to get ordained as a licensed wedding officiant minister that might just fit you.

The Ordained Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant – Get ordained online

The quickest track to become an ordained minister is the licensed Christian wedding officiant. This program includes 4 college-level credits of ministry training education. Plus you will need one recomendation.

The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential is perfect for the person asked to do a wedding. If that is you and you want to learn how to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, this class will teach you some of the best practices. This class is more than just training. After you complete this class you will be duly ordained as a Licensed Wedding Officiant in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The benefits of completing the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Class:

  • This program has actual Christian leader training. Most online ordination websites just send you a piece of paper that says you are ordained.
  • When you complete this program of study you will earn credentials that will be posted in the Christian Leaders Institute global graduate directory.
  • You will be listed as ordained in the worldwide Christian Leaders Alliance Directory as an Ordained Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant
  • Government officials can look your name up as one who is ordained and has received ministry training.
  • Optional: You will be able to order the official papers and ID card you need to officially perform wedding ceremonies.  (Cost for Official Paper Document package: $125)

Program Requirements: 

  • Christian Leaders Connection Class (3 Credits)
  • Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant (1 Credit)

Total: 4 Credential Credits

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant role introduces you as a person who is licensed through the CLA to officiate weddings. You can also check out our exciting ordained Christian leader programs and learn more about becoming ordained as a minister. You can do even more training after that for more advanced ordained minister roles.

Required Reading
All materials for the course are available online. No book purchase is necessary.

1. Read the online articles for each topic. 
 You may also save these articles to your own computer for further study.
2. Listen to online video lectures. For some videos, there is also a corresponding article. Slides for each video are posted as a text file in some cases. If you wish, you may save each file on your computer and adapt the slides to use when you teach others.
3. Take tests and quizzes and complete assignments online covering the readings and videos. You will have 85 minutes for the comprehensive tests.

Time Requirements:

You should be able to complete the ordained licensed Christian wedding officiant program within a month.

  • Become a licensed minister to perform weddings.
  • Get actual training you’ll need to thrive as a wedding officiant.
  • Join over 2,000 other leaders licensed or ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • Receive public recognition of your ordination on the Christian Leaders Alliance website.
  • Be legally eligible to officiate weddings.