Get ordained online free by taking ministry classes

Are you a Christian who has been asked to perform a wedding ceremony? Are you called into ministry? Are you looking for a clergy licensed or ordination program that includes recognized ministry training? 

Christian Leaders Institute partners with the Christian Leaders Alliance to offer a credible free clergy program. This program includes:

  • Online Ministry Training – Over 100 Ministry Topics including dozens of licensed and ordained roles.
  • Recommendation Process – You will need to receive recommendations from people who know you. This makes your license and ordination more credible.
  • Commissioning – After the recommendation process, this process includes a commissioning prayer to launch you into your clergy ministry role.
  • Global Digital Directory – Once you complete the program, you are listed in the Christian Leaders Alliance Global directory free of charge.

That means you can get licensed or get ordained online as a clergy member in a program that may take less than one month (Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant) to a program that may take up to four years to complete (Ordained Minister of the Word).

We offer dozens of clergy roles so you can get ordained with competence, confidence, and credibility.

Please note this is not an “instant ordination” that you can simply buy, this is a credible program that comes from a recognized online ministry training school and a recognized alliance of clergy leaders.

Get Ordained Online – Steps

Here are the steps you will take if you would like to get ordained online at the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

  1. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) by clicking the button below.
  2. Complete the Entrance Orientation Course (less than 2 hours) and begin your ministry training program.
  3. Partner with the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) and complete your clergy program. You will be posted as a licensed or ordained clergy in the CLA directory.
  4. (Optional) After you are posted as a clergy, you can order a recognition kit.  

Complete step 1 and get started for free by clicking the button below.

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“Christian Leaders Institute is an amazing school that has taught me so much. It is not a quick ordination program it is an amazing educational program that is based firmly on the word of God. I highly recommend CLI and stand by them as an amazing school.”

Scarlet BlackstoneCLA Ordained Minister

If you are looking for a way to grow and become ordained and be a revival leader Christian Leaders Institute Is a great place to start. I have been enrolled in CLI for over a year and it has truly help me to believe and know God’s will for my life.

Greg Miller CLA Ordained Minister

“Amazing and life-changing opportunities with CLI – I’m a student for life 🙌”

Pastor Rudi FerreiraCLA Ordained Graduate

“I have completed my deacon minister ordination and I am starting on my Chaplaincy ordination. This has been such an incredible learning experience for me!”

Lyle DelpCLA Ordained Minister

The Ordained Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant – Get ordained online

The quickest track to become a recognized clergy member is to complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant. This program includes 4 college-level credits of ministry training education. Plus, you will need one recommendation.

The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential is perfect for the person asked to do a wedding. If that is you and you want to learn how to be a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant, this class will teach you some of the best practices. This class is more than just training. After you complete this class you will be duly recognized as a Licensed Wedding Officiant in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The benefits of completing the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program:

  • This program has actual Christian leader training. Most online ordination websites just send you a piece of paper that says you are ordained.
  • When you complete this program of study, you will earn credentials that will be posted in the Christian Leaders Institute global graduate directory.
  • You will be listed as licensed or ordained in the worldwide Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Directory.
  • Government officials can look your name up as one who is a recognized clergy member and has received ministry training. You get licensed or ordained online through a credible recognized college-level program.
  • Optional: You will be able to order Clergy Kits that recognize your clergy status.

Program Requirements: 

  • Christian Leaders Connection Class (3 Credits)
  • Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant (1 Credit)

Total: 4 Credits

This Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant role introduces you as a person who is licensed through the CLA to officiate weddings. You can also check out our exciting ordained Christian leader clergy programs and learn more about becoming ordained as a minister. You can do even more training after that for more advanced ordained minister roles.

You have total flexibility when setting up the pace you move through the online ordination program that suits you best. Once you enroll in a course you have 1-180 days to complete it.

  • Over 100+ free online ministry courses.
  • Legitimate ordination training for your calling.
  • Join an online network of licensed or ordained Christian leaders worldwide.
  • Study at your own pace program anywhere you can connect to the internet.
  • Access to dozens of online ministry credentials, including awards, certificates, ordinations, diplomas, and degrees.

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