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Your search for top-quality Christian life and ministry resources ends at the Christian Leaders Institute. We offer an array of free resources, from courses to programs, positioning CLI as a beacon for religious enlightenment. Delve into an ordination program with the Christian Leaders Alliance or pursue a degree through the Christian Leaders Institute.

Free Christian Lifestyle Topics

These Free Christian Resources focus on specific courses:

  • Free Anger Management Course: This popular course is accessed by people worldwide. Click Here.
  • Free Better Sleeping Course:. Click Here
  • Free Online Bible Course: Christian Leaders Institute offers over 150 free Biblical courses. Click Here. 
  • Officiate Weddings. Click Here.
  • Free People Smart Course: Take a college-level course at Christian Leaders Institute. This people-smart course will transform your life. Click Here.
  • Free Course on Developing a Positive Attitude: Based on a Christian perspective, learn how to become more positive. Click Here
  • Free Christian Life Skill Course: This free three-credit college course will change your life! Click Here.
  • Free Romance Officiant Skills Course: This course will help you help others find love. Click Here. 
  • Free Christian Marriage Course: This course will help your marriage! Click Here.
  • What is Christianity? Click here.

Free Courses in Ministry Topic

Free Mini-Courses – View Free Mini-courses offered at Christian Leaders Institute.


  • Spiritual Gifts: This Mini-course helps you discern your spiritual giftedness. Click Here.
  • Essential Theology: Learn about the fundamental theology of the Christian faith. Click Here.
  • God’s Design for Sex: This mini-course featured life-changing teaching on this vital topic. Click Here.

Free Ministry Skill Courses – Click Here to See all the Free Ministry Skills Courses Offered at Christian Leaders Institute


  • Christian Wedding Officiant Skills: This free course is the gateway to the Licensed wedding officiant at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click Here. 
  • Calling and Connection: This free course helps you discern your calling into ministry. Click Here.
  • Parenting Skills: Learn how to parent better and help others. Click Here. 
  • Officiant Ministry Skills: Expanding beyond the wedding officiant, this free ministry skills course covers most bases. Click Here. or Click here
  • Sexual Intimacy Conversation Skills: Learn how to minister in this critical area of our lives. Click Here.
  • Start a Matchmaker Ministry: Learn how to minister to singles in your church or community. Click Here

Free Ministry CoursesClick Here to review Free full-credit courses.

Christian Philosophy

Here are some free philosophy courses available at Christian Leaders Institute.

Free Ministry Training with Ordination Credentialing Options

Christian Leaders Alliance offers “Diakonos” level ordination paths with many roles and advancement options. Click here to see the program.


  • Officiate a Wedding: Discover free wedding officiant training and an ordination program at the Christian Leaders Institute. Click Here.
  • Wedding Officiant Gateway to More: Learn how accessing the free wedding officiant course is your gateway to more minister roles. Click Here
  • State-by-State Wedding Officiant Requirement: For those in the USA, find your State and the requirements of your State. Click Here. 
  • Become a Pastor: Learn how the Christian Leaders Institute will launch you as a pastor utilizing free ministry training. Click Here.
  • Becoming a Minister: This post focuses on how free ministry training fits into the Christian Leaders Alliance minister program. Click Here. 
  • Become an Evangelist: Christian Leaders Institute offers free courses in a whole variety of evangelist subjects. Click Here.
  • Become a Ministry Chaplain: Take Free Ministry courses and work toward ordination paths in Chaplaincy with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click Here.
  • Become a Youth Minister: Learn how free ministry training can be applied to become a youth minister. Click Here.
  • Become a Marriage Intimacy Conversations Minister: Do you love seeing married couples flourish in their intimate lives? Click Here
  • Home School College Program Options: Learn how Christian Leaders Institute offers free college-level courses for home-schooling families. Click Here
  • Become a Romance Officiant – Click here to find out more about this exciting role.

Click here to see over 150 Free Christian Resources.