Sex Conversations Ministers

Have you thought about becoming a “Sex Conversations Minister?” Many singles and couples struggle in this area! Our sexual identity is core to our lives. God designed sexual practice in marriage.

Hebrews 13:4   Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

This Sex Conversation Minister Program is designed to mobilize ministers to conduct sex conversations informed by ministry training and credentialed through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

These Sex Conversation Ministers can register Soul Centers focusing on this ministry area. For example, one possibility would be registering a “ministry practice” that focuses on bringing wholeness and healing in marital relationships.

Why is this subject so crucial for ministers?

Almost 80% of movies on networks or cable television stations have sexual content. Read more. Much of the content is contrary to the Biblical understanding of sexuality. 

God’s desire for marriage sex is that single people would learn and prepare for it, and married people would experience it. This “hot monogamy” philosophy of God’s design for sex is so needed!

The fact is married people report that they have dismal sex lives.

There are many reasons for this, including the following:

  • Marriage conflict.
  • Differing libidos. One partner may have a higher sex drive than the other. Click here for more information.
  • Past trauma. One partner may have experienced sexual trauma in the past, which can make it difficult to have sex.
  • Communication problems. Couples may be unable to communicate openly and honestly about their sexual needs and desires.
  • Non-biblical religious beliefs. Some couples may have different religious beliefs that conflict with their sexual expectations in marriage.
  • Medical conditions. Some medical conditions can interfere with sexual function.
  • Body image issues. One partner may be uncomfortable with their body, making it difficult to be intimate.

The Sex Conversation Minister is available to address these types of issues. This minister will offer the following:

  • Confidential conversations informed by a minister program specializing in sex education and conversations.
  • Prayer that invites God to help couples.
  • Coaching sessions that encourage the hot monogamy philosophy for marriage.
  • Officiating services that include conducting weddings or respeaking marriage vows.
  • Other Christian ministry services.

Are Sex Conversation Ministers Sex Therapists?

No. They are officiants, ministers or coaching ministers, or chaplains who welcome God and the influence of the Bible into the marriage relationship. These ministers promote the philosophy of hot monogamy and are credentialed with the Christian Leaders Alliance. They have completed a sex education and conversations course of study. They are accessible to large groups of people as ministers. Often sex therapists are expensive. Unlike therapists who address particular traumas, sex conversation ministers promote wholeness and health as much as addressing problems.

What is the hot monogamy philosophy? 

The hot monogamy philosophy encourages the practices of a vibrant sex life as God’s design for sex throughout the marriage, from newlyweds until death. This philosophy is pro-life and pro-children.

Am I called to become a Sex Conversations Minister?

Are you married, or have you been married? Has hot monogamy philosophy and practice been an energizing source of wholeness for you?

Are you trained as a counselor or sex therapist, and do you want to pursue a ministry calling in your area of professional training?

Why should ministers and Christians study hot monogamy?

There are many reasons why ministers and Christians might consider studying hot monogamy. Here are some of them:

  • To help couples have healthier, happier marriages. Hot monogamy is a philosophy of marriage that emphasizes sexual intimacy, communication, and sexual satisfaction. Christian ministers can learn how to help couples achieve these goals by studying hot monogamy.
  • To provide couples with resources and support. Hot monogamy can be a challenging journey, but it can also be enriching. Christian ministers can provide couples with the resources and support they need to succeed.
  • To educate the church about hot monogamy. Many Christians are unfamiliar with hot monogamy. Christian ministers can learn how to educate the church about this philosophy and its benefits by studying hot monogamy.
  • To model a healthy marriage for their congregation or communities. Christian ministers are called to model the love of Christ in their own lives. By studying hot monogamy, Christian ministers can learn how to have a healthy, happy marriage that honors God.

What is required to become a Sex Conversations Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance?

The sex conversations specialty is a feature of the ministering program of the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will complete a four-credit college course and a mini-course: They are:

Sex Education and Conversations (4 Cr)

This course explains the hot monogamy philosophy and examines sex education topics from academic sources. This course includes lectures, reading, and quizzes. Click here for more information.

The Care and Decluttering of the Soul (0 Cr)

This course deals with the nature of the human soul, which connects directly to sexual experience.

You can enroll in this course now, separate from the ministering program. These free courses are available to anyone interested in these subjects.

What Ministry Roles Connect to this Sex Education and Conversation Specialty? 

The Christian Leaders Alliance requires that you complete a program of study if you are called to a minister role that can specialize in sex conversations. In addition, you must submit appropriate recommendations as a background check for your Christian calling and character.

These roles include such things as: 

Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant – The Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant is the first minister credentialing role available, offering a sex education and conversation specialty. With 5-10 hours of study and one recommendation, you can confidently and competently become a recognized Wedding Officiant offering sex education and conversations. You will be licensed through the Christian Leaders Alliance.  

Field Minister  – The Field minister builds on the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant role and takes you one step further in being recognized as a minister.

This role is ideal for: 

  • Retired Christians
  • Church Elders
  • Church Deacons 
  • Business Leaders 
  • Home School Moms
  • More

Coaching Minister – Coaching Minister is a licensed clergy status program. You are considered a licensed minister who is also a coach or life coach.

Licensed Minister – The Licensed Minister opens the door for you to minister in various ways in your church or community.

Licensed Ministry Chaplain – The Licensed Ministry Chaplain is perfect for those called to serve at local fire departments or civic organizations as volunteers. 

Ordained Minister – This minister role is the first ordination clergy role granted through Christian Leaders Alliance using the training at Christian Leaders Institute. This role allows you to do all the essential functions of ordained ministry. You will need three recommendations for this role. 

Each of these roles includes other ministry specializations in addition to the sex education and conversations that can be added, such as youth or marriage ministry. Click here for a list of specializations.

Christian Leaders offers a Sex Conversations Minister training program for Licensed Wedding Officiants, Licensed Ministers, and Coaching Ministers.

What type of ministry courses are required in the minister role program? Each program has specific requirements depending on how far you proceed through the minister roles. You may enroll in any of these free ministry courses now.

List of Sample Core Minister Training Courses

Regular Courses


If you are called to join other Sex Conversations Ministers in getting trained and credentialed, click here to enroll in a free study account at Christian Leaders Institute.

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