opportunity to be equipped for ministry

Blessings! Greetings, I am Nhette (Nenita Blancaflor) from Manila, Philippines. I studied several Bible courses before. However, I did not credit it as a Bible School since it was a church program. I also got an AB Major in Business Management. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to be equipped for ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute online. After praying for this significant opportunity and inquiring about it in my country, I believe these online courses are the best for me!

My Journey

I faced a lot of hindrances and challenges. First of all, some churches discourage women from being leaders in the church. The second was my finances. Third, it limited my earning due to my health condition. But because of the free ministry courses, I can study now at CLI! I’m so excited to fulfill my calling to serve our Lord Jesus in total capacity and potential.

Since CLI is online, I have the flexibility to earn and minister to others, especially my family. This is the perfect opportunity to prove myself in the church. Studying at CLI from the first day gave me much wisdom and insight. I have deep gratitude for this Ministry.

My Salvation

I came to know the Lord Jesus when I was 12 years old. When I was a child, I had questions unanswered about heaven and hell. Why did Jesus suffer? Finally, a missionary came to our place and introduced me to the Lord Jesus. From then on, I received Him as my Lord and Savior. My changes are slow in every phase. All my life, He testifies His faithfulness towards me.

Opportunity to be Equipped for Ministry

My life isn’t perfect. It threw me into the storms and battles. I’d been too busy working. I was trying to catch up with my dreams and failures. Then, one day, I woke up sick. It happened more often than I could imagine and worse than ever. First, my being single haunted me and also hit my health. Moreso, my finances. Then, after my vaccination, it triggered my illnesses. I struggled with breathing. So many nights I thought I would not make it through. But God made me live!

I prayed and told God I didn’t want to die a slave to sin. I couldn’t define then what my soul was longing for. But now I know. To be in the presence of my Savior. To renew my love for Him. And serve Him as long as I live! I am excited for this opportunity to be equipped for ministry service through study at the Christian Leaders Institute! God bless!

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