Studying Ministry courses

My name is Jacobus Johannes Janse van Rensburg, and I reside in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I am studying ministry courses online at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Journey

Born in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in 1985; it was a turbulent time in South Africa. This period saw the decline and ultimate fall of the Apartheid Government and a dynamic change in our country. I grew up in a “normal” South African suburban household. My parents instilled good morals in me. There was never active church-going or praise. They mentioned the Bible here and there. However, we weren’t a church-going family, even though I was baptized.

Throughout my adolescence, I excelled at sports and academia at school. We moved around a few times, and I settled into each school without issue. But, unfortunately, I reached my teens and soon found the wrong friends and supported inappropriate activities. By no means were we delinquents, but we indulged in the base pleasures of life without thought or consequence.

I finished my official schooling and immediately left the confines of my small town. I moved to the United Kingdom on a shoestring budget. There, I was homeless for a week before finding a stable job and a house. I spent two years in the U.K. Then, I returned to South Africa shortly after the terror attacks in London.

Further Adventures

From there, I started a new and went into the Minerals Testing Industry, which I have been in for the past 17 years. Nearly seven years of that time were spent in East Africa. I worked across Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. During that time, I lived the “ex-pat” life. The things I saw, the amount of suffering and death that surrounded me, were something I was unprepared for. Yet, I never questioned God or tried to stop it other than donating by throwing money at it. God and I weren’t on speaking terms as I had my “great grand plan” and was far too busy.

I started my first company in Mozambique during the pandemic. Midway through the pandemic, my wife and I divorced. She chose to pursue a life with another man. My not being at home drove a wedge into a Godless home for sure. I have two beautiful sons who stay with me. I am truly blessed to have them in my life. After my divorce, I shut myself down for nearly three years. Instead, I focused on personal growth – exercise, training, studying, and growing my businesses. I had no relationship with the Holy Spirit, almost atheistic in my approach. I claimed to be Christian, yet I only prayed twice or thrice a year.

Changes and Salvation

Within a few months, I had the girl of my dreams enter my life again. We met as children. Life happened, and our paths split. She went through difficult times like me and divorced her husband. She has two beautiful children, whom I see as my own. Therefore, God gave me the woman of my dreams and four beautiful children. However, with God, I did not speak.

One Sunday, I joined her and the kids at church. It was an unremarkably dull day in a “normal” church. Expecting to hear the gospel and sing praise songs, I was not expecting anything to happen. Instead, the service began with strong praise songs. I sang louder than anyone else, as I have a background in choir singing. Soon after that, the pastor preached.

During the preaching, the pastor asked those willing to let God lead them to rise and put their hands to the heavens. Within seconds, I rose to my feet. I felt my legs quaking and my knees weakening as I repeated, “God, I hereby submit to your will.” Tears filled my eyes, something I had not felt for over a decade. I was shocked to my core as I was the one who had an answer and a backup, and a plan for everything. Suddenly, I was rendered wholly silent and humbled. It was uncharted territory for me. For the first time in my life, I felt the Grace, Love, and Power of our Lord through my submission. I knew that my life would and could never be the same again. My perception of my reality was shattered.

Studying Ministry Courses at CLI

Putting my business interests aside, I am returning home to lead my family in God’s name and stand strong in my local community. God, by His grace, led me to the Christian Leaders Institute. CLI is where I am starting my journey into Ministry and my newfound life in Christ.

I hold Mathematical Statistics, Workplace Safety Management, Project Management, and Personal Training degrees. Currently, I am studying ministry courses online at the Christian Leaders Institute. I will follow this path that God has laid out for me. Further, I aim to add value to the community, promote Christian Leaders Institute, and share my journey with you and others. I pray that others may also discover the Glory of our God. Blessings to you all!

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