Christian Sex Education

Over 40 million people have streamed a program called “Sex Education” on Netflix media. This British series has received critical acclaim for treating sexual intimacy-related topics. The basic premise is that sex is not an exclusive marriage activity. The sex therapist comes from the secular social sciences perspective that generally excludes God’s role in the creation of sex from a Biblical point of view.

Christian sex education is needed for those who want to practice their faith informed by the Christian worldview! Sex education ministers are needed to encourage and teach the Biblical perspective on sex.

Sex education ministers educate and create conversations that promote the Christian worldview as it applies to sex-related issues. These ministers lead by helping Christians be faithfully married and single (faithfully unmarried).

What is the Christian perspective on sex and sexual intimacy? What do Christians or Christian leaders need to know about sex-related topics? How is sex for Christians understood? How can Christian parents or homeschooling parents teach their children about sexual intimacy? How can a minister or life coach minister serve in sex-related topics?

Christian Sex Education Course Available Tuition-Free

Is this training only for future sex education ministers? No. Many will benefit from this program. This training is for:

  • Christians, single or married, who want to learn more about these topics.
  • Christian married couples who want to grow in confidence in their sexual intimacy.
  • Engaged couples who want to prepare for marriage sex.
  • Christian parents or home-schooling teachers who offer sex education to their children.
  • Christian leaders, ministers, and life coach ministers called to marriage or sexual intimacy-related ministry.
  • Wedding officiants who want to offer marriage or remarriage counseling on sexual intimacy-related topics.
  • Matchmaker ministers who help clients grow in these areas in preparation for marriage.

What subjects are covered in the Christian sex education course?

It is a tuition-free course called “Sexual Intimacy Conversations” (4 credits)

This course will dive into the vital conversations about sexual intimacy from the perspective of marital faithfulness. This course will also examine some of the hot topics around sexual intimacy. You will:

  1. Learn about the creation and fall of sexual intimacy and pleasure.
  2. Survey the fall of sexual intimacy in the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Develop a theology of sexual intimacy renewal.
  4. Study God’s Design for Sex led by author Ruth Buezis.
  5. Study singleness and the topic of masturbation from a biblical and Christian point of view. Is there such a thing as “Holy Masturbation?”
  6. Survey some of the challenges to sexual intimacy.
  7. Study the Song of Solomon mini-course led by Dr. Lloyd Carr.
  8. Learn how to open up conversations about sex in the church and among Christians. Ruth Buezis will lead us through that discussion.
  9. Get training about overcoming or helping others overcome sexual sin, including porn addiction and affairs.
  10. Become aware of tools and insights that strengthen sexual intimacy or bring healing to sexual intimacy struggles.

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to learning Christian sex education and how to minister as a Christian leader. In addition, minister or life coaching credentials are available through Christian Leaders Alliance for those who want to finish a credentialing program.

How do I get enrolled?

First, enroll with a study account at Christian Leaders Institute. Click the enrollment link on this page.

Second, you will be automatically enrolled in a Getting Started course, part one and part two. Part one will give you a brief orientation to studying at Christian Leaders.

Third, after completing part one, you are free to enroll in the Christian Sex Education course.

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