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Worshipping Through the Storm

Hello! My name is Riley Boehmer, and I am excited to share my life with you! The tuition-free online ministry and biblical courses at the Christian Leaders Institute are a blessing!

Born and raised in California, I still live here. After graduating high school, I struggled with the concept that “maybe school just wasn’t for me.” I decided to step away after failing my first semester in college. After prayer and consideration, I felt God calling me to focus more on ministry. We will come back to this topic, but first, I want to share a bit of what my home was like growing up.

My Spiritual Journey

At age six, my parents divorced after my mom had an affair with an old friend. However, neither my sisters nor I knew the reason at the time. Through this experience, I did not have a personal relationship with God despite knowing about Him. However, I was not far from one. Between two to four years later, I accepted Christ in my heart, sitting in the backyard of my father’s house. God began working in my life as He brought some peace into my hectic life of switching between my parents’ houses every other week.

Eventually, my life started to shift gears. In 6th grade, I was somewhat forced (although grateful) to play piano on the worship team in our middle school ministry. It brought me anxiety. However, I knew God could use it for His glory, and I held onto this hope! There I began to grow in my faith and my gifts quickly.

As amazing as this was at church, things grew more difficult at home. On my dad’s side, he developed a gambling addiction (which he kept us kids pretty sheltered from). On my mom’s side, she decided we would move in with her boyfriend (the man from the affair). This was difficult for my sisters and me to navigate as the boyfriend was also an alcoholic! Their relationship was on and off, almost weekly, but all of this played a crucial role in my faith!

Growing in God

My life was still the same when I entered high school. I was progressing in some areas at church and in my relationship with God but struggling with my complicated situation at home. This trend continued for a while. However, throughout all of this, the Lord was working through me. I honestly found what it meant to have a relationship with Him.

Eventually, my mom and her boyfriend, although still together on and off, no longer lived together. In the same way, although my dad was in debt, he no longer gambled. Towards what seemed to be the end of these things, I turned eighteen and decided to live with my father full-time. This helped my schedule and my relationship with my mom and God. Random bumps still occurred, such as friends of mine taking their lives and a worldwide pandemic. However, God was working through all of it.

After graduating high school, I worked at a local restaurant while volunteering in the worship ministries. I planned and led most of the youth worship services. With God as my best friend and mentor, I leaned on Him through prayer and reading scripture to see where He wanted to lead me.

Called to Ministry

Eventually, my parents told me to prioritize college over my work. However, this plan did not sit right with me. I felt God’s leading to reach out to the close pastors in my life. They were working at the church where I led worship. So, I asked if there was any position that I could fill. After many conversations, there was! Not just any position, but one I felt called–the worship ministry!

Therefore, I quit my job at the restaurant and started working at the church. I was raising up students (just as I was raised up), teaching them how to lead worship and develop their relationship with God in the process, and sharing the importance of both. With this new job, I dropped out of college. My focus was solely on the ministry work God had placed right before me.

Tuition-Free Biblical Courses at CLI

Ending where we started, I feel God’s calling to return to school. Now that I can see the benefit and am motivated to accomplish this goal, I chose Christian Leaders Institute. CLI offers tuition-free ministry and biblical courses. CLI is where I can dive deeper into my faith while working towards a college degree.

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