Ordination and biblical classes

My name is David Moxon. I live in upstate New York, USA. The ordination and biblical classes online at the Christian Leaders Institute are preparing me for wherever God leads me.

My Story: God Was There All Along

I grew up in a broken home, but I never knew it as a child due to the amount of love I received from my parents. Baptized and raised Catholic, it was more out of ritual than a relationship with our Lord and Savior. We only attended church on Easter and Christmas. Fear and intimidation were part of the teaching of God. I always had a good sense of right and wrong, but I lacked knowing what a genuine relationship with the Lord meant. It kept me in a place of feeling I would never be good enough, so why bother?

I followed the world and lived according to what made me happy. I chased desires and dreams of worldly possessions and worldly recognition. Successful in the things of this world, enough was never enough. I married, started a family, and gave my kids everything the world said they needed. However, I was still foolish in my ways. Just like my father, I followed the rules. I had my children baptized, and we went to church on holidays. I even enrolled them in Sunday school, but I still didn’t know what being a child of God meant.

New Life

In 2014, a gentleman I met through many business meetings invited me to his church. Over many weeks, he continued to ask me, and I continued to make excuses. Until one Friday, I figured if I just showed up on Sunday with my family, he would stop asking, and that would be the end. Little did I know how the Lord had guided this event way before I knew He was involved. We went to his Christian church. However, it wasn’t the church environment I knew. I remember thinking, why are all these folks so happy and pleasant? Surely this must be some sort of cult. My children enjoyed the kid’s ministry, my wife enjoyed the worship music, and the message wasn’t bad.

Therefore, we returned the following Sunday. That was when the Holy Spirit hit me. I found myself crying during the message. I am 37 years old, 6 ft tall, and 230 lbs. I’m a tattooed and bearded tough guy of this world, and I was crying in public. This didn’t happen, but I couldn’t stop it. Then the man who invited me touched my shoulder and asked if I was alright. I said I was confused and didn’t know what was happening. He noted that it was the weight of the Holy Spirit.

From that day forward, I’ve never looked back. Only to see all the milestones in my life that I foolishly thought, wow, look what I have done. Only to realize, wow, look what the Lord has blessed me with and guided me through! How foolish I was to think I accomplished everything on my own. Looking back, I can now see everywhere the Lord touched my life and continues to do so.

CLI: Ordination and Biblical Classes

This all started a passion for giving back what the Lord has blessed me with. I volunteer heavily in many different church organizations. I serve at church and lead small groups for men and married couples. Further, I led my family to Christ, and we all received baptism.

My oldest of four daughters will be married this year. She asked me to officiate. I found Christian Leaders Institute looking into ordination and biblical classes. I wanted a more biblical and Godly structure rather than just any online payment for your ordination certificate to marry people. Therefore, I thank the Lord for opening this door.

I have felt the calling that the Lord has bigger plans for me. After going through the getting started classes at CLI, I am going to discover just what that means. Through prayer and CLI instruction, I’m confident the Lord will reveal the direction I will head. I am so very thankful for this opportunity. God bless you all!

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