Mismatched Sex Drives and A Mini-Course to Help

by Henry Reyenga

Are you frustrated about your wife’s lack of desire for sexual intimacy? Are you a wife with a higher libido than your husband? Are you experiencing mismatched sex drives as a couple?

Christian Sex Education Coaching Ministers report that many clients struggle with sexual libido mismatch. 

One of the significant challenges to Christian marriage, and all marriages for that matter, is sexual libido mismatch. This challenge is often called mismatched sex drives or sex drive discrepancy. Here’s some information on mismatched sex drives.

Mismatched Sex Drives Study

Medical News Today explored this issue in depth. In an article called What to Know About Mismatched Sex Drives, we learn that men typically have a higher sex drive. “Medical News” quotes a  study from 2017 that reported that 34% of women and 15% of men have no interest in sex. 

For instance, Emily Nagoski’s book, “Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life,” noted that around 70% of men have spontaneous sexual desire, while only 10–20% of women do.

Mismatched Sex Drives are often sources of frustration for husbands and wives who have significant differences in sexual interest. This difference can lead to conflicts and even divorce. 

A Man’s Struggle

Ministry Magazine posted an article on The Christian Man’s Battle With His Sexuality, reporting that men get stuck in a veil of silence or pornography and cybersex. 

One conclusion Ministry Magazine made was that couples need to grow in their sexual intimacy, or the problems will worsen. 

Couples need help addressing sexual problems as early as possible in their marriages. Churches that maintain a distance from these matters or do not offer programs that can help couples in their struggles at reconciling the sexual differences between spouses are only perpetuating the problem.

A Free Mini-Course – God’s Design For Sex

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) can help. Christian Leaders Institute E-Professor and author Ruth Buezis shared a free mini-course at CLI called God’s Design for Sex.

This mini-course will fit you if you are:

  • Single or married and want to ground your sexual identity in the Word of God
  • Looking for a free online mini-course that will help your marriage
  • Looking for more healing in a specific sexual struggle like mismatched sex drives, and you want to journey toward a more healthy marriage
  • A married Christian, minister, wedding officiant, marriage minister, youth minister, or a chaplain


  1. Be introduced to the subject of God’s Design for Sex.
  2. Learn the role of procreation.
  3. Learn how having sex is a way to know each other.  
  4. See how comfort and sex connect. 
  5. See what the Bible says about sex and pleasure. 
  6. Learn how sex can be a defense against temptation.
  7. Learn how sex can bring you refreshment.
  8. See how sex and spiritual growth connect. 

Address mismatched sex drives through prayer, education, and effort. Sign up for this free course on God’s Design for Sex and invite God into the bedroom. 

This course is for everyone, whether you are studying for ministry or want to learn what the Bible says about sex. God is at work in your life; this course may be another place to see His mighty power. 

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