How to Develop a Great Attitude

Do you want to learn how to develop an excellent attitude for a well-lived life? The power of having a positive outlook is a game-changer for most people.

Workplace studies suggest that a positive attitude will help you do well at your job. The Business News Daily writes,

Having a positive attitude in the workplace won’t necessarily make you better at your job, but it will improve the way people view you as a person, so they may be more inclined to help you succeed and cheer you on. Business News Daily

I have noticed in the ministry that God uses Christian Leaders with a great attitude to impact more lives.

Everyone can struggle with developing a great or positive attitude. We all have experienced hurt, rejection, and depression. Yet developing a positive attitude is still possible, and some people seek to develop it in their service to Jesus Christ.

How to Develop a Great Attitude Mini-Course

Christian Leaders Institute presents a tuition-free mini-course that explores How to Develop a Great Attitude in life, work, and ministry.

What is meant by a great attitude? In English, it means a person who has learned how to see the positive and the uplifting. This person has a “can do” attitude and brings that attitude to everything they do.

Mini-Course Outcomes:

  1. Be introduced to the subject of having a great attitude.
  2. Learn how to trust in the providence of God.
  3. Become a person of perspective.
  4. Develop ways to lose your life spiritually.
  5. Learn how to forgive wrongs.
  6. Develop a plan to let go of unhealthy control.
  7. Gain the confidence to cultivate opportunities.
  8. Learn the behaviors to abandon victim attitudes.
  9. Learn how to take yourself less seriously.

This mini-course will take you less than two hours to complete, and it could change your life, work, and ministry!

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Serving the Lord with a great attitude brings blessing to yourself and others. If you are looking to thrive in friendship, courtship, marriage, ministry, business, and about everything else a great or positive attitude goes a long way.

What do others say about this How to Develop a Great Attitude Mini-Course?

Mini-Course Endorsements

I appreciate this mini-course, for it was timely to my circumstances. I am overwhelmed by the thoughts of giving all out to serve God, but in the same way, I am bombarded by criticisms, negative thoughts, and doubts about responding to the Call. This mini-course gave me all the revelations and confirmations I needed to hear as rebukes and reproofs. – Jasmin Junio

One of the foremost things I like about “How to Develop a Great Attitude” is how it clearly showed how even a little adjustment in my attitude could get tremendous rewards in all my endeavors – Steve Attah.

I think it will help me be a better teacher to women that don’t yet have any concept of the Bible. – Margaret Logsdon

In this mini-course, I have learned so much about starting to develop a positive attitude to keep growing it. How this will help me in my ministry calling is that I will know how to build confidence in myself and spread the effects to others. – Marlie Charnesky

I liked the videos presented in the course and the scriptural references used for each section – Silver-Leigh Barrows.