Free Anger Management Class

Do you struggle with anger? Do you know someone who loses their temper often and sometimes hurtfully? Are you married to someone who lashes out without holding back? Are you in a family of angry people?  Would a free anger management class help you or someone you love?

Unhealthy anger has destroyed relationships. Uncontrolled anger has led to job loss and murder. Friendships lost. Wives or husbands divorced. Children are exasperated. Suicides occur.

People who constantly struggle with anger also suffer physical harm to themselves. The Health Channel out of Australia pointed out the many negative health effects of unbridled anger, such as “Headaches, digestion problems, high blood pressure, skin problems, such as eczema, and heart attack.” Why?

The constant flood of stress chemicals and associated metabolic changes that go with ongoing unmanaged anger can eventually cause harm to many different systems of the body. Health Channel

The Anger Management Class

Christian Leaders Institute offers over 100 free classes in Bible study, Christian leadership, and ministry topics. Most of the courses are 3 credit college-level courses where you can earn awards with the Christian Leaders Institute or college credentials with the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. Life Coaching topics have been added, such as a free anger management class where you can earn one college-level credit.

Who should take this free anger management class?

You could if you want to grow personally in this area or are close to someone who struggles with anger. The more you know, the more you can help.

You could if you seek to serve in ministry. Many of the people you minister with struggle with anger issues. You can refer them to this free anger management class or teach the content you learned through taking this course yourself.

If you are interested in the life coach minister program, this is one area of specialization. You can coach people through overcoming their anger issues.

What Does the Free Anger Management Class Include? 


This course focuses on helping people to manage unchecked behaviors that lead to poor judgment, acting out, self-destructive behaviors, and feeling out of control. Instead, attitudes and behaviors can be cultivated that are conducive to long-term success and peace of mind.

Anger – a strong human emotion associated with feelings of displeasure, disappointment, and annoyance. Anger management is a healthy pursuit that reduces stress on the body.  The course leads to better outcomes through learned behaviors. It teaches participants to identify Hot Buttons unique to their communication style.

Fear – keeps people from achieving things they want the most. Fear is often what makes people anxious and less than their best selves. By learning how to avoid behaviors generally coupled with an underlying fear, a giant step is taken. As a result, personal well-being and interpersonal relationships improve.

Professional presenter Professor Tony Russing has been presenting Leader Smart courses for over 30 years in the business community. He will teach you how to overcome and help others overcome anger management issues.


  1. Learn about anger issues and their causes.
  2. Reduce and prevent exhibited anger behaviors.
  3. Discovery of anger examples called “undiscussable.”
  4. Internalize the antidote to acting out anger.
  5. Name self-protective strategies that bring anger into the open.
  6. Learn anger’s impact on health and wellness.
  7. Overcome the overwhelming.
  8. Learn behaviors essential to anger management success.
  9. Understand the mistakes and how we learn from them.
  10. Choose an extraordinary emotional management path.
  11. Communicate with precision/neuro-linguistic programming.
  12. Develop relationship restoration and building.

How do I sign up for this free anger management class?

You enroll at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute will accept you whether you have a high school diploma or not. Just finish the getting started orientation class. You can take this free anger management class after you finish the orientation class. The orientation class will take you less than two hours to complete.

Is this class really free? 

Yes. Christian Leaders Institute uses a donation-driven model of education. Christians, foundations, churches, and students donate to make classes available for anyone to enroll and benefit. There are low administration fees for some of the credential programs. The anger management class is free to you with no obligation on your part to give.

This class could be your first course at Christian Leaders Institute. After this course, you may want to study the Bible online with courses such as Old Testament Survey or New Testament Survey. The People Smart for Ministry and the Influence Smart course are very popular as well. All of these courses are designed to help you make a difference in this world.