Have you considered becoming a minister to serve others?

Do you feel a calling but are unsure of the next steps? Perhaps you’re curious about how one becomes a Christian leader or minister. What level of study is required? How does one get ordained? Is there an ordination path specifically for volunteer or bi-vocational ministers?

For over 2,000 years, Christians have pursued the path of becoming ministers. The Christian Leaders Institute offers a unique approach by providing high-quality, biblically-grounded ministry training free of charge to those called to serve.

Three Paths to Becoming a Minister:

Path One: Study Free Ministry Training Courses and Become a Minister in Your Local Church

The Christian Leaders Institute offers more than 165 courses for budding Christian leaders. These range from mini-courses, ministry skill courses, to Bible courses and beyond. As you study, you can earn awards, certificates, and diplomas. Share your progress with your existing church leadership and find ways to actively serve. Introduce your church ministry leaders to the Christian Leaders Institute through our website.

Path Two: Engage in Free Ministry Training Courses and Begin Your Journey to Ordination through the Christian Leaders Alliance

We offer a variety of programs including those for Wedding Officiants, Licensed Ministers, Chaplains, Coaching Ministers, and fully ordained ministers.

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Path Three: Enroll in Our Degree Program at the Leadership Excellence School

If you’re interested in pursuing formal academic qualifications, consider our degree programs, where you can earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The Christian Leaders Institute offers a comprehensive degree program that paves the way to higher education.

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At the heart of our mission, the Christian Leaders Institute exists to mobilize ministers of hope in a world filled with despair. Many of those called to serve are grassroots Christians eager to make a difference in ministry.

Read Sarella Perry’s Story of Becoming a Minister

My name is Sarella Perry. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, where my grandmother played a significant role in my spiritual upbringing. She ensured I attended Sunday School every week and participated in all the children’s activities our church had to offer. For as long as I can recall, she exuded meekness. She maintained a steadfast prayer life, always confident that God would heed her petitions. One day, my childlike curiosity got the better of me, and I asked, “Grandma, what do you and God talk about so much?” She looked at me with a smile and replied, “I’m praying for all my children and grandchildren to find salvation.” As a child, I couldn’t fully grasp the gravity of having someone pray so fervently for my salvation.

After high school, I ventured to Florida for college and temporarily made my brother’s couch my home. On one unsuspecting Saturday morning, a knock on the door revealed an older gentleman sharing the gospel throughout our apartment complex. After a brief conversation and prayer, I accepted Jesus into my life that day.

Initially, my lack of church affiliation left me wondering about the nuances of Christian living. However, through prayer, I found a church community, and a kind member took it upon herself to guide me. She introduced me to the essentials: cultivating a strong prayer life, understanding the significance of tithing, and the discipline of fasting. As these practices became an integral part of my life, I witnessed manifold blessings. Eager to contribute more actively to the Kingdom, I joined the media ministry to better understand teamwork within a church setting.

My journey led me to the Christian Leaders Institute when I joined a fledgling church in July. Given our modest size, I found myself inadvertently stepping into a ministerial role. However, I quickly realized there wasn’t a structured training program in place. Starting with the Wedding Officiant Course, I was pleasantly surprised by the platform’s user-friendly design. This positive experience propelled me to take a leap of faith, furthering my training with the goal of becoming a licensed and/or ordained minister.