Showcasing Operatives of Hope Videos – The First Fruits of Reaching One Hundred Million

These Operative of Hope Videos are here for you to pray about your role helping to spread a culture of hope everywhere. Before you click the videos, take a moment to learn about the Christian Leaders mission.

Ten-Year Mission Prayer Vision: We pray that 100,000,000 sign up for Christian Leaders training in the next ten years.

Christian Leaders Institute has created a scalable free online Christian and ministry training option for the world. People are invited to make a donation if they are able, but the focus is on launching individuals to discover their purpose in Christ and become operatives of hope in communities of despair. Despair can wear many masks. It may manifest as economic poverty or disruption, stem from broken relationships and abuse, arise from the aftermath of sickness or addictions, or even be felt as depression or confusion. Yet when God enters a person’s life, healing follows. Many then feel a calling to reach others, now equipped with hope.

Christian Leaders Institute meets these individuals at a point where they require equipping and education to serve those who’ve experienced the types of despair they were once mired in. The education offered must be free, removing any barriers to reach those in need. As the world evolves and new economies emerge, a legion of volunteer, part-time, and full-time ministers of hope are being identified, trained, and mobilized to uplift people from these communities of despair. This process fosters a cycle of cultural renewal and hope through the reproduction of a free education option that empowers them to help others.

Our ten-year mission is to increase from 600,000 study accounts to 100,000,000. Currently, this capital cost stands at around $250,000,000. We plan to extend our linguistic reach beyond English. Presently, we offer free training in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian. We aim to incorporate Tamil and Swahili soon. Our online free education platform can scale to accommodate over 100,000,000 users.

Is all of this feasible? Absolutely. The most straightforward task involves the offering of technology and the accumulation of the capital to make this available in communities of despair. The profound transformation in changing a life comes from God. He instills hope in willing hearts, and this hope can change everything. Christian Leaders Institute will provide them with the means of free education, guiding these transformed souls to places where they can assist others who tread the path of despair they once knew. These operatives will not only empathize, but they will also become ministers of hope—competent, confident, and credible in ushering in a hopeful culture to those they serve.

First Fruits Impact

Here are stories of those touched by this free education. Each narrative illustrates how God saves lives and calls people to become operatives of hope.

Hope Operative Teaser: Here is a short video showcasing those whom God will use to transform communities.



Princess – Out of devasting loss, Princess Watkins finds purpose to become an operative of hope. She feeds the homeless in St. Petersburg Florida.


Ray – Ray was homeless. Pastor Princess introduced him to free online education. Now, Ray ministers to the homeless on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida


Leslie – Leslie once walked the streets until God showed up to save her. Her free online education has enabled her to make a significant impact on her community. She was reconciled with her daughter. Both mother and daughter benefited from the free Christian education at CLI and are now ministering together


Heidi – Heidi was sexually abused. She had chosen a day for her suicide, but God intervened with hope. Feeling called to serve others, she enrolled in the free ministry program at Christian Leaders Institute and became an ordained ministry chaplain. Her story bears testimony to the saving power of God in renewing a heart filled with despair.

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Shon – Shon’s life was disrupted when he barely survived a horrific motorcycle accident. The accident took a huge toll, crippling his left side. With limited options left, he felt a call to serve. The Christian Leaders Institute was there to offer free ministry training.


Are you called to reach 100,000,000 operative of hope? What is needed?

  • Prayer
  • Input and Insights
  • Funding
  • Connecting to Funding
  • Sharing the Opportunity to Access Training – Click here to set up a study account

Email CLI president Henry Reyenga at hreyenga@christianleaders.net or call him at 616-745-9000. Leave a message if he does not pick up.