Get Ordained as a Wedding Officiant

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony and do not want to settle for instant online credentials?

Are you looking for a Christian wedding officiant training and credentialing program that can be completed in less than two weeks of study?

Are you looking for a Christian Wedding Officiant training and credentialing program that connects the training to the highly respected Christian Leaders Alliance, a minister credentialling organization that has licensed thousands of ministers?

United State Requirements

Each state in the United States have different requirement for Officiants. Click here to see the state by state requirements. Wedding Officiants in UK are also trained at Christian Leaders Institute.

Get Ordained as a Wedding Officiant with the Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers a Wedding Officiant program that provides you with the training and credentials you need to officiate weddings. The program is designed for Christians who are called to serve as wedding officiants. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Christian meaning of  marriage
  • Basic pre-marriage counseling and conversations
  • The legal requirements for officiating weddings
  • The officiant’s role in the wedding ceremony
  • How to write a wedding ceremony
  • How to prepare for a wedding ceremony
  • How to assist at rehearsals
  • How to conduct a wedding ceremony

After you complete the course, you are invited to get ordained as a licensed Christian wedding officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a ministering credentialing organization that recognizes the CLI wedding skills training. Upon completing the program, students are eligible to receive a Christian Leaders Alliance Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant credential.

A Great Option for Christians

The CLI Wedding Officiant program is an excellent option for Christians called to serve as wedding officiants. The comprehensive and well-rounded program provides students the training and credentials they need to officiate weddings professionally and effectively.

Become Licensed in Less than Two Weeks – Here’s How!

Start studying today!

This Christian Wedding Officiant Skills class is a one-credit class that gives you the skills to officiate a wedding. This tuition-free course takes about 5 hours to complete.

After you complete this course, you will be allowed to join the Wedding Officiant Recognition course that will complete your credential program and register you with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

If you want to get ordained as a Wedding Officiant in less than one week, this Christian program will help.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this an instant ordination? No. This ordination is a study and local-recommendation-based credential with the Christian Leaders Alliance that credentials ministers worldwide. See Directory. 

What is the funding concept? Christian Leaders is a donation-based religious non-profit that seeks to multiply difference-makers. All the courses are free and supported by vision partners who believe that everyone should have access to free ministry training. Christian Leaders asks participants to donate if they desire. Small administration fees cover the cost of sent documents and materials. Click here to donate.

What does this credential mean? Getting the Licensed Christian wedding officiant recognizes you as ordained in the first core minister role with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click here to see the entire Minister Credential Program.

Do you credential women ministers? Yes. This Christian leaders program welcomes men or women in this Biblically-based program. Click here for more. 

How long has this organization been around? Rev. Henry Reyenga, an ordained minister with the Christian Reformed Church, and Rich DeVos founded Christian Leaders on September 20, 2001. Christian Leaders have been ordained ministers through the Christian Leaders Alliance since 2014. This program is for study-prepared and recommended ministers. Click here to read more.