History of Christian Leaders Institute


President Henry Reyenga formed a mentorship relation with Rich DeVos Sr. of Amway. DeVos was sixty-eight at the time. He mentored him to encourage bi-vocational non-clergy and clergy local leaders to spread the Gospel. The principle of reproducible leadership and encouragement was a pillar in the forming of Christian Leaders Institute.

September 11, 2001

Christian Leaders was born on September 11, 2001, after Henry experienced the September 11, 2001, tragedy in person. Shortly after that, Rev. Henry Reyenga Jr. started Christian Leaders NFP under the encouragement of Rich DeVos Sr. and Ron Parr, who agreed to be part of the founding board of directors. The founding mission of Christian Leaders, NFP, (DBA Christian Leaders Institute)  was to raise up reproducible Christian leaders to spread Christianity everywhere. Henry and his wife Pam committed themselves to this calling and work.


Shortly after starting Christian Leaders, Henry studied the use of the Internet as a tool for reproducing Christian leaders. Finally, his study of cutting-edge Internet technologies brought him to start offering Internet classes in 2006 and Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offered free online ministry training classes.


In 2008, Dr. David Feddes became the first provost. Dr. Feddes was the radio minister of the Back to God ministry. Dr. Feddes and his wife Wendy are called to bring high-quality ministry training everywhere.


Christian Leaders Institute brought advanced training to called leaders in the United States and Canada. Starting in 2010, CLI spread to the entire English-speaking world. Christian Leaders started developing Mentor Centers of local groups which encourage and support each other in their ministry training. In effect, these mentor centers function in many parts of the world as micro-seminaries or Bible Schools.


In 2014, Christian Leaders NP, has begun an ordination program where graduates of the Christian Leaders Diploma are ordained locally and recognized in the public, online Christian Leaders Directory.


January 1st, 2015 brought an entirely new face to CLI with the launch of the Degree Program, in which students can earn their Associate and/or Bachelor of Divinity. Also, the translation of the Christian Basics course into Spanish and French began; along with increased staff and budget.


Christian Leaders Institute has three official locations including Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. The new world headquarters was purchased in Spring Lake, Michigan.

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