Free Marriage Courses

Are you married? Are you engaged? Maybe you are interested in learning about Christian marriage.

Are you called to Marriage Ministry or Marriage Coaching Ministry? Maybe you have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony. Many volunteer, part-time, or full-time ministers can perform all these marriage minister roles! Do you sense a calling?

Is there a marriage or marriage minister topic that interests you?

Christian Leaders Institute offers a wide range of free marriage courses, including mini-courses, skill courses, and college-level courses.

Mini-Course Menu

God’s Design for Sex – Find out about God’s Design for Sex in this mini-course. It will change your life and your ministry! Click Here

Indestructible Marriages – Would you like a more indestructible marriage? Are you interested in being a more effective marriage minister?  This course links to videos by Dr. Jim and Karen Evans of XO Marriage. Click Here

Opening Up Conversations about Sex – Many Christians have questions about sex. This course opens up many sex-related topics that Christians will find interesting. Click Here

Song of Songs – Have you ever studied the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon)? Maybe people are not aware of this marriage sex-positive book. Dr. Lloyd Carr brings us through this Biblical mini-course that will encourage and surprise you. Click Here

Victory Over Sexual Sin – Are you looking to overcome sexual sin? Are you looking for more tools to serve Christians who struggle with sexual sin? This course will help! Click Here

Nine Ways to Build People Up – This mini-course explores how to build people up. This course will help you love your spouse, children, and neighbors more. Create a positive relationship environment in your life. Click Here

Forgiveness – Forgiveness is a powerful topic. This is a life-changing course for those struggling with forgiveness or bitterness in their marriage. Click Here

Free Marriage Ministry Skill Course Menu

Many skill courses can be part of a minister credential program with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Wedding Officiant Skills with a Licensing Program – 1 CLI Credit

This Christian Wedding Officiant Skills class is a one-credit class that gives you the skills needed to officiate a wedding. After you complete this course, become licensed with the Christian Leaders Alliance as a Licensed Wedding Officiant. This course is the gateway to all the licensed and ordination programs at Christian Leaders Alliance. This course has been completed by thousands of wedding officiants who want their legal minister credentials with real wedding officiant training and recognized licensing. They are listed in the Christian Leaders Alliance Minister Directory.  Click Here

Matchmaking Ministry (1 credit)

How do Christians find their life-long marriage match? This course brings the Biblical worldview to the practical need of matching couples who share a walk with Christ. Professor Kristina Lynn has spent over twenty years developing a matchmaking ministry approach.  Click Here

Pre-Marriage Counseling Skills (1 Credit) 

Pre-Marriage Counseling Skills is a course led by Steve Elzinga with real-life examples from Abby and Mitchell Dominiak. As a branch of life coaching, students will learn how to come alongside engaged-to-be-married couples and coach them through life before marriage. Click Here

Free College-Level Marriage Courses Menu

These free marriage courses are designed for ministers but would benefit anyone interested in marriage growth.

MIN 260 – Marriage Ministry (4 credits)

This advanced class presents critical building blocks of a thriving marriage, offers insights for strengthening one’s marriage, develops the ability to provide pre-marriage preparation for couples, and cultivates skills for marriage counseling. Click Here

MIN 261 – Sex Education and Conversations (4 credits)

Sexual intimacy is a God-given gift connected to marriage and procreation. This course discusses many vital aspects of sexuality within a Christian worldview approach to equip Christians and ministers to grow in their personal lives and their ministry impact. Click Here

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