Immerse yourself in a Spiritual Journey: Experience Quality Education from Free Online Bible Classes.

Are you keen on delving into the depths of the Bible? Have you ever pondered whether free online Bible classes can truly offer valuable knowledge? “Free” is a term that often triggers skepticism. However, let’s shed some light on how high-quality religious education can be available at no cost and who foots the bill.

What Do Our Free Online Bible Classes Entail?

The Christian Leaders Institute is a conduit to over 150 free bite-sized and extensive college-level courses. Our courses are facilitated by accredited educators specializing in their respective domains.

Dr. David Feddes, an esteemed graduate of Trinity International Seminary, is guiding our faculty. Dr. Feddes ensures the development of superior biblical courses. Here’s a peek into some of our course offerings:

Bible Class Snapshots

Old Testament Survey: This ministerial training course offers a deep dive into the historical writings of the Old Testament, bringing to light God’s interactions with Israel in anticipation of Jesus Christ’s arrival. You’ll also draw applications for contemporary Christian life and preaching.

New Testament Survey: Delve into the New Testament’s literary, historical, and theological facets. After completing this course, you will know its key themes and content.

Acts: Get an insightful look at the book of Acts, which illustrates the Holy Spirit’s outpouring, the inception of the early church, and the global propagation of the gospel. You will engage with historical context, archeological discoveries, literary analysis, and significant theological themes.

General Epistles: This class presents a thorough study of the general epistles such as James; 1 & 2 Peter; 1, 2, & 3 John; and Jude. You’ll explore their meaning in the original context and their current relevance.

Our comprehensive Bible course portfolio is just a glimpse of the hundreds of options available, including a biblical perspective on core courses, skill courses, theology, ministry, philosophy, and many more.

Who Funds These Free Online Bible Classes? Our classes are made possible through generous donations. Our vision partners see the value in offering tuition-free courses to aid Christian leaders! These partners comprise fellow students who appreciate the value of our classes and donate to make these classes accessible to those who might not be able to afford them otherwise.

While students are not obliged to donate, many support the Institute by purchasing credentials, becoming Vision Partners, or buying products from our online store. Our yearly budget is supplemented by Vision Partners, which includes foundations, churches, and individuals. However, please note some of our credential programs might entail fees.

How Can You Use These Free Online Bible Classes? The Christian Leaders Institute opens the door to an array of exciting programs. These classes can be utilized for obtaining awards, college credentials, and clergy recognition.

Awards Earn recognition for your diligent study in specific topics with Christian Leaders Awards, with over 30 levels available.

Other award topics include:

Ministry – These ministry awards recognize your study accomplishment in many areas of ministry, including essential, intermediate, and advanced standing. There is a small fee if you want us to send you an official embossed award.

Chaplaincy – These Chaplaincy awards are beneficial if you are called to community chaplaincy in local care facilities and community services.

Business/Enterprise – Are you interested in being bi-vocational? These awards recognize your ministryBiz study accomplishment.

Coaching Minister – Are you interested in being a Life Coach Minister? These awards offer exciting recognition levels if you see yourself as a Christian Life Coach! Click here.

Matchmaker Ministers – These awards give you recognition for your matchmaking studies. Click here.

College Credentials

Our college-level free online Bible classes can be transferred into CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, which grants certificate, diploma, and degree-level recognition. CLI is recognized by many accredited colleges for master-level studies. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has applicant status with the ABHE. This means you can be accepted for master-level studies by many accredited colleges. Click here.

Clergy Recognition

Many of our free online Bible classes can be applied towards clergy recognition at the Christian Leaders Alliance, offering a comprehensive program of licensing and ordination options.

Licensing Clergy ProgamClick Here

Ordination Clergy ProgramClick Here

CLI started offering free online classes in 2006 with just six students. Since then, these free classes have benefited over 675,000 students from more than 195 countries.

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

Register for a free study account that automatically enrolls you in the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course that explains all the programs of Christian Leaders.

Notice: You may even skip the getting started class

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