Free Online Bible Classes

Free Online Bible Classes

I am Kuma Chibsa and I am taking free online Bible classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in 1986 in a rural part of Ethiopia from a poor and uneducated family. As a child, I found myself struggling with extreme poverty as my mom passed away when I was five. Her death gave me a lifetime wound and left me without proper child care. However, God helped me in that dark situation, gave me strength, and led all the way to high school and college.

At that time, there was no clean water, no electricity, no clinic, no road, and no technology at all in the village where I was born. The Christianity was not allowed because the socialist regime who was controlling the political power of the country was chasing Christians, jailing them and closing the churches. Then two missionaries from Germany (Paul & Bill) were living in my village helping the poor people and preaching the gospel of Christ to everybody. I asked myself, “Why are these missionaries suffering with us? Why don’t they live in their country? Why are they starving with us?” It took me many years to get the answer to those questions. I understood what forced them to leave their comfortable life when I received Jesus as my Savior and started feeling His true love in my heart.

Recently, after coming to the USA, I was going to different churches here in New Jersey. However, it is weird as many churches are empty. In Ethiopia, we have to reach the church in the early morning to get in as a result of the huge number of people coming to church. Only a few people who are over 40 years old are seen in the churches here. That is something that I never expected. Where is the young generation? Who is going to take the church and transfer the gospel to the next generation? These and other questions are pushing me to search for free online Bible classes.

In Ethiopia, from the whole population of the country, 30% are Orthodox, 30% are Muslims, 20% are Protestant, and 10% are worshiping idols. This figure indicates that more ministers and missionaries are needed for this nation to be healed. My dream is to preach the gospel to all nations so that everybody will know the love of Christ that I experienced. I hope and believe that these courses at Christian Leaders Institute will take my understanding to the next level.

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