How to Become a Youth Minister – A Journey of Faith and Dedication

Youth ministry is a pivotal facet of many Christian communities. Through it, young individuals are afforded the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their faith, absorb essential life values, and connect with a more significant purpose. If you feel an inner calling to support and shepherd young souls on their spiritual expeditions, becoming a youth minister might just be your destined path. Here’s a more comprehensive guide to help you journey this fulfilling vocation.

Understanding the Role:

At the core, a youth minister shoulders the responsibility of guiding young people’s Christian education and spiritual development. This can encompass orchestrating events, retreats, study circles, community service projects, counseling, mentoring, and essentially being a trusted minister for these young people. The goal is to help the youth become young Christian leaders!

Lindsey Callis’ Journey at the Christian Leaders Institute:

For many like Lindsey Callis from Madison, Indiana, this journey is deeply personal. As a mother of six children and two dogs, Lindsey’s heart has been called towards youth ministry. She envisions herself as a group leader and church youth minister. For Lindsey, working with children within her church and witnessing their spiritual growth over the years has been a deeply rewarding experience.

Lindsey is currently involved in the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), a platform dedicated to offering high-quality ministry training. Through CLI, she hopes to concentrate her studies on Youth Ministry, preparing herself to lead the future torchbearers of the church.

She shares, “I have had the privilege to assist with the youth at my church this month and get firsthand experience of where my studies at CLI will lead me. With two teenagers of my own, understanding the spiritual warfare they confront daily aids me in guiding them better. My aspiration is for the youth I mentor to fathom God’s immense love for them, help others, and imbibe discipleship.”

Opportunities with an Ordination from Christian Leaders Alliance:

For those aiming to bolster their credentials and deepen their commitment, the Christian Leaders Alliance offers ordination opportunities. At the Christian Leaders Alliance, you start with foundational ordination roles in ministry. Once these roles are completed, you can specialize according to your calling, gifts, and interests. For example, to become a Licensed Youth Minister, you would first establish your foundational role as a licensed minister and then pursue specialized studies in youth ministry.

Licensed Wedding Officiant with Youth Ministry Specialization:

Once ordained, you can assume the role of officiating weddings. This often intersects with youth minister roles as the youth you mentor enter new eras in their lives and find their life partners, and look to marry. They might seek pre-marriage counseling and request that you officiate their ceremonies. As the initial clergy role, this can be specialized with a focus on youth ministry.

 Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles

  • Licensed Wedding Officiant –  Click Here for details
  • Licensed Wedding Officiant with Youth Ministry Specialization –  Click Here to review additional courses. 

Licensed Youth Field Minister:

By serving your local community as a field minister, you pave a path of spiritual guidance. CLI’s curriculum offers foundational courses to equip you properly. This program builds upon the Licensed Wedding Officiant role by adding more courses to enhance your competencies in ministry. As a volunteer minister, you can continue your ordination journey. This role is adaptable for various life scenarios. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, retired, or serving as an office bearer in a church, you can tailor this role to specialize in youth ministry.

 Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles:

  • Licensed Field Minister –  Click Here for details
  • Licensed Youth Field Minister – Click Here to review additional courses.

Licensed Youth Minister:

For those feeling a deeper spiritual pull and poised for a significant commitment, the Licensed Minister program might be the right fit. This program offers an enriched ministry education, building on the foundation of the Field Minister role and adding more specialized ministry training courses. Through rigorous academic studies combined with hands-on experience, you’ll be prepared to serve in a variety of roles. Specializing as a youth minister within this capacity often qualifies you for employment as a part-time youth minister.

 Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles:

  • Licensed Minister –  Click Here for details
  • Licensed Youth Minister –  Click Here to review additional courses.

Licensed Youth Coaching Minister:

The role of a Licensed Coaching Youth Minister is increasingly pivotal as today’s youth navigate a world brimming with choices and opportunities. This modality underscores the synergy of ministry and coaching, aiding youth to embark on a faith journey they wholeheartedly embrace.

Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles:

  • Licensed Coaching Minister – Click Here for details
  • Licensed Youth Coaching Minister – Click Here to review additional courses

Licensed Youth Ministry Chaplain:

The chaplain role augments the preceding roles, infusing a chaplaincy dimension to your Youth Ministry calling. Now, you’re not merely trained as a youth minister but also as a youth chaplain.

Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles:

  • Licensed Ministry Chaplain: Click Here for course details.
  • Licensed Youth Ministry Chaplain: Click Here to review additional courses.

Ordained Youth Minister:

As a fully ordained minister with a specialization in youth ministry, you’ll undertake a comprehensive ministry curriculum. This program is optimal for those aiming to serve as part-time or full-time youth ministers in local churches.

Foundational and Specialized Ordination Roles:

Ordained Minister –  Click Here for details
Ordained Youth Minister: Click Here to review additional courses.

Further Steps to Becoming a Youth Minister:

  1. Deepen Your Own Faith: Consistent worship, prayer, meditation, and religious studies help in strengthening your spiritual base.
  2. Relevant Education & Certification: Besides the minister program you choose, consider more courses at CLI to round you out.
  3. Develop Interpersonal Skills: The essence of youth ministry lies in effective communication, empathy, and understanding. Enroll in the PeopleSmart for Ministry course. Click Here for more details.
  4. Stay Updated: Adapt to the evolving world of youth, be it cultural, technological, or social.
  5. Flexibility: Cater to a diverse group of young individuals, each with their unique beliefs and challenges.
  6. Continued Professional Growth: Regularly attend workshops, seminars, and courses to expand both spiritually and professionally.


The journey to becoming a youth minister intertwines faith, passion, and dedication. By mentoring young souls, you sow seeds for a brighter, spiritually rich future. As Lindsey Callis signs off, “May the Lord bless you, please pray for my journey ahead in Jesus’ name, Amen!” – let’s remember that every step taken brings one closer to touching and transforming countless lives.

Lindsey Callis Full Testimony

Hello, my name is Lindsey Callis. My husband, Kyle, works diligently for our family, enabling me to focus on my studies and cherish my role as a housewife. Together, we are blessed with six children and two dogs, and we reside in Madison, Indiana, USA.Becoming a Youth Minister

Currently, I serve as a VP leader and am in the process of studying to become a youth minister. I genuinely believe that the Lord has endowed me with spiritual gifts, notably in singing and teaching. Worshiping and guiding others towards Christ are activities I deeply cherish. My faith in the Lord is unwavering, and I trust His plan for my path, especially as I feel the calling towards ministry.

My Vision and Study at CLI

I envision myself taking on roles such as a group leader and a church youth minister. This aspiration holds immense significance for me, and given a choice, my heart leans towards youth ministry. Over the years, I’ve had the rewarding experience of working with the children in my church, leading them in Bible studies, and witnessing their spiritual growth. My focus remains on the youth, as they represent the future of the church. Recently, I had the opportunity to work directly with the youth at my church, further solidifying my understanding of where my studies at CLI might lead me.

My aim is to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the Christian Leaders training, particularly in the domain of Youth Ministry specialization. Being a mother to two teenagers, I observe the challenges they face in the modern world and the spiritual battles they encounter daily. This insight enhances my understanding and capability to guide them better. My desire is for the youth I mentor to recognize and embrace God’s profound love for them, assisting others and delving deeper into discipleship. I humbly ask for your prayers as I continue on this journey, and may the Lord’s blessings be upon you all. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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