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“Before you asked what my dream was I would have said I identified most with an evangelist, even though others around me have said, “you should be a pastor somewhere.” But I can see from my ministry dream that a pastor’s heart is what is inside me. This has always been in my heart even from my younger days, I always rooted for the underdog, helped and encouraged the weaker and smaller. I have always wanted to see people succeed.”         – Charles Easterday, student of CLI

Free Ministry School USA- A Pastor’s Heart Is What Is Inside Me

My name is Charles Easterday. I Live in the United States of America. Because of little persecution, ministry is not too difficult yet neither is it easy. People are free to seek as they choose, believe as they wish, go to the church they choose or don’t go at all. The problem this creates for the Christian minister is that there is a sense, in the greater populace, of no real or absolute truth. With the growth of the New Atheist movement in secular schools of thought and education, ridicule to any form of belief has become the norm in these establishments. This is adding burden to those not grounded in biblical truths and we have seen a great many Christian youth fall away from faith.

I was not raised in a Christian home. At the age of sixteen I was invited to a youth rally where I was introduced to the salvation message for the first time. I saw love and excitement for Jesus and experienced love and acceptance from people I did not know. This was lacking in my life and in my home so I gave my life to Christ.

Before I can tell you my ministry dream I have to tell you more of my salvation story. Not many months after my salvation the same people who invited me to the youth rally, and subsequently to their church, invited me to a house party. It was here I was introduced to something new, something else not discussed in my home. Here I was introduced to alcohol, marijuana and sex. For the next twenty-five years, my life was a complete rollercoaster of one disastrous event after another. I continued to move from one church to another looking for answers to my confusion and pain. Looking back I thank God that He never let go of me, that the Holy Spirit continued to prod me but I was not grounded in the basic truths and I continued to flounder. I could make a book out of this but I’ll stop here.

When I stopped looking to man-made religions to answer my problems and looked to God’s Word as my sole guide for my life, with the guidance of a couple godly men (mentors) that were placed in my life, I started to find the peace that Jesus was talking about. I still have struggles like everyone else but I have learned that God is greater than my struggles.

My ministry dream is to help restore the Church to its former glory as a unified body, a bride fit for the marriage to the Lamb of God. A body that cares for and nurtures all its parts. A Church that sells its’ possessions to meet needs, sacrifices time, and materials for unity’s sake. This can only happen when I take the time and invest in people, lifting them up in prayer, teaching biblical basics, establishing foundations for growth and become the change I want to see in others. I know that from here revival fires will burn hotter than ever before. I sincerely believe that such a revival is on the horizon and I want to be in the middle of it. That is why I am seeking a more formal education from CLI’s free ministry school. I have a lot of knowledge but it needs to be cemented together in a usable form. CLI’s free ministry school is an answer to my prayer.

With CLI being a free ministry school, I feel an extremely important part of my ministry dream as I feel it would be nearly impossible to fulfill without it. Though nothing is impossible with God I need the experience, guidance, training and education that CLI’s free ministry school is offering coupled with the wonderful and supportive mentorship of my church and my Internet mentor and friend. My prayer needs are that I stay focused on God through this process and follow as He guides. That though my intellect may be stretched and grow with further education that I remain humble and filled with the love of Christ.

Thank you all for this opportunity.

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