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“Receiving a christian leadership education training from CLI is considered a great blessing. Being a father of two in this economy is not easy, it can sometimes be very hard. But being able to receive this type of knowledge without a price tag helps me to work a full time job, provide for my family and attend classes at the same time. Many bible schools in my area are very expensive. Having a free christian leadership education in ministry truly assists me in the training I need to move forward in the will of God.”        – Ricky Welch, student of CLI

Greetings to all my CLI colleagues, I am Ricky Welch. I was born in a small town in North Mississippi in the early 1980’s. My wife and I now reside in the state of Missouri with our two children ages seven and one. We have been married since November 2003.

Living in America is a blessing in many ways, but we do have our challenges. We have freedom laws which allows freedom of speech to publicly reverence Christ. One of the challenges is the many diverse religious beliefs that are practiced in our country. Many people are confused, and are reluctant to believe in the true gospel that Christ proclaimed.

I have always felt the presence of God, even as a child. My older sister and I were taught at a young age to believe and fear God and the power that He has. It was in 1998, the middle of my teen years, when I began to have a true relationship with Christ. My uncle who also became my mentor and pastor led me to understand the importance of having a relationship with the Lord. He also taught me the importance of accountability, and my actions as a born again christian.

I am a youth leader and desire to be a church planter in due season. My most important desire is to plant a church in my current city. I also have a vision of eventually planting a church in my hometown in the state of Mississippi and spreading it into a national ministry. We desire to boldly profound the gospel of Christ to the lost and broken souls.

I began to notice the special call on my life when I was asked to lead prayer at my senior high school awards ceremony back in 2001. Many teachers that had taught me in previous years were pleased to see the change in my life since receiving Christ. Some even asked me if I was considering ministry after graduation.

I am supported by my family 100% in my enrollment with CLI’s christian leadership education program. They have encouraged me to move forward in receiving christian leadership education. My wife and children play a major role in my ministry. Leading a family is very much similar to leading the people of God. I look to them for positive or negative feedback as they look to me for leadership and guidance. My desire is to make sure that each one of their needs are met both spiritually and naturally. I intend to use many valuable life lessons that I have learned to eventually birth our ministry vision.

I ask that my professors, classmates and other believers in Christ pray that I will fully accept the will of God in my life. I also desire prayer for continuing to allow God to be first and foremost in my every day walk. May God graciously bless each and every one of you!

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