Christian Leadership Courses

Hello! My name is Duangporn Gatepithaya. I wanted to figure out how to use my gifts for God’s kingdom. So, I am taking Christian leadership courses online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

Early Christian Influence

Born into a Buddhist family, I am Thai. I got to know Christ for the first time when I was around 13 years old through my uncle. He was my first relative who converted to Christianity and evangelized me and my older sister. He prayed for me, and I recovered from a 2-year chronic cough. So, my first impression of God was that I can ask Him anything through prayer. Then, I learned more about God from my uncle.

However, my parents were very afraid that my uncle brainwashed my sister and me. Consequently, they went against Christianity and kept us away from my uncle. As I was not deeply rooted in Christ, I grew up somewhat disconnected from God.

Reconnected to Christ

I reconnected with Christ again when I was a graduate student. I joined a case competition, in which I reunited with my university classmate who was a Christian. He had qualities that I admired and wanted to improve. So, I started hanging out with him to learn from him. At the same time, he evangelized me, gave me a Bible, and brought me to church and life group. The Christian fellowship totally blew me away. The people were very kind and loving. That made me want to study the Bible more to understand what God, who changed those people, was like. As I learned more about Jesus Christ, I got baptized. Since then, I studied the Bible, went to church, hung out with fellow Christians, and served at church on and off.

Recently, I evaluated my life again and revisited my belief. I realize I have become a lukewarm Christian addicted to complacency. That is why my character has not improved much and the fruit of the Spirit is somehow absent. Plus, knowing that I was born blessed and have received much more than I give, I will not be able to answer God what I do with the talents and time He gives me. As a result, I decide not to continue being a half-hearted Christian, but to live my belief.

Christian Leadership Courses at CLI

I know I have potential that may benefit God’s kingdom. However, because I did not know how to use my potential, it was wasted. I think other people may have this problem too. There should be some practical Christian guidance. Accordingly, I started searching for Christian leadership courses. I found the Christian Leaders Institute. I hope to learn practical lessons of how Christians should live their lives and minister to others.

My leadership goal is to figure out how to use what I have for God’s kingdom. I also have a passion for Thai Millenials. If they have a life purpose and vision and the capabilities that lead to confidence, they can shine their lights wherever they are. They can be a living Bible in the marketplace that brings people to Christ. This call is how I can accomplish God’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

Step 1 – Register for a free study account that automatically enrolls you in the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course Part 1 &2. 

After you register, you will automatically be enrolled in the “getting started” course.  You will locate the course at your “home” button when logged in. Scroll down to find the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course Part 1 &2 Link. Click the link and open the course.

Step 2 – Complete Part 1 of this course, and then you are allowed to enroll in mini-courses or regular courses. 

The Christian Leaders Getting Started Class Part 1 shows you how to enroll in courses and mini-courses. Part 2 of the course connects your calling into ministry with programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute. Part 2 will offer some ministry training and introduce you to the other programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.