Ministry Knowledge and Training

Journey by Grace

My name is Kenneth Sherwin Chu. I currently live in the province of Capiz, Philippines. My journey by grace has brought me to the Christian Leaders Institute for ministry knowledge and training (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

I am the second child among seven siblings. Mostly my mother raised us as my father was living away due to some unfortunate situation in his life. My mother is a tailor, and her income was not stable. This pushed my eldest sister and me to help out in any way we can. Life was tough, but, by God’s grace, we made it. We all graduated with a college degree.

My Amazing Journey

My college years are the most amazing part of my journey. I was a football (soccer) varsity which granted me a full scholarship. I took a part-time job for my allowance and helped my aunt to manage her boarding house in exchange for free boarding. In spite of this schedule, I still had the time to serve as a youth leader in our local church. If I recall those times, I can’t explain how it all fitted on my schedule, but one thing I know, God has blessed me the time and provided me with all my needs.

In my graduating year, we went on a field trip. On our way back home, we got into a shipwreck incident. It was very sudden when the ship hit a rock that created a hole on the starboard side. The words I said in my prayer, “God, whatever happens, take care of me.” After I said that, fear left, and slowly I had peace of mind. After a few more minutes, we needed to jump as the ship was about to sink. I stayed in the water for about 13 hours until a fishing boat spotted us. To some, it gave them trauma and afraid to travel by sea again. For me, it has been a testimony that God is always there to protect us. God carried me in those times, and I believed that He still had a purpose for me.

Move to Singapore

In 2010, I went to Singapore to work. There I met a couple, both pastors. They brought me to New Creation Church, where I found a home for six years. There, I got a better understanding of God’s grace, that everything has been paid by Jesus at the cross. Also, that I am deeply blessed and highly favored and already on the victorious ground.

Every December, the church had this prayer request time. You wrote down three major requests that you wanted to have answered in the coming year. In 2014, my first prayer was about my job, to have a restful increase. God granted me a new job with less work and higher pay. The best thing is it was just offered on a hot plate. And later that year, my previous company hired me back with more pay.

My second prayer was that my girlfriend would be able to transfer to Singapore so we can be together. God did not just grant my request but made us together under one roof as we married that year. Lastly, my third request was to have a house of my own. God blessed us with exceeding gifts during our wedding. We received extra money for in reservation. God is an awesome God! When He gives, it’s always more than what you ask for!

Ministry Knowledge and Training at CLI

Now back in the Philippines, I am serving as a deacon in our local church and helping to spread the good news. Sharing His grace, love, and His Word to all. My dream is to become a pastor involved in His ministry on a different level. Most especially, I want to know Him more deeply and be a living testimony of how good God is and that He is all we need. That is why I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for ministry knowledge and training.

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

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