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God has called you to minister to our broken and hurting world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope. If you seek more confidence, competence, and credibility for your mission, Christian Leaders Institute will help propel you to reach the world for Christ! From a Biblical and Christian statement of faith worldview, we present free classes that connect to Bible school programs.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks to launch your walk with God and/or calling into ministry. We are called to mobilize Christians growing in their faith and more ministers to reach the world for Christ. We are here to support you!

How Does this Bible School Program Mobilize Christian Leaders?

Christian Leaders Institute connects you to free courses, credentials, Clergy Ministry Recognition and much more.

Free Courses

Christian Leaders College has empowered the Christian Leaders Institute to offer college classes free of charge. Christian Leaders Institute promotes and makes courses available through raising donations to keep these classes free and available to anyone online.

What do I need to do?

Step One: Create your study account.

Step Two: Complete the orientation class (about 1-2 hours).

Step Three: Enroll in any course that interests you.

Bible School Programs for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Christian Leaders Institute is the choice of many Christians who want to grow in their walk with God. Many people want to study the Bible online to learn what the Bible says and its relation to their lives today.

If you are a new Christian, you might want to take Christian Basics, Old Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey. These three courses will strengthen your walk with God and ground you in basic Christianity.

The Bible School programs at the Christian Leaders Institute offer various topics that students are interested in. You may not be interested in becoming ordained or interested in becoming a minister – that’s fine. Enjoy the free online Bible school classes.

Pastoral Training That Includes Many Ministry Courses

Many pastors have not received formal ministry training. In fact, a large segment of pastors worldwide cannot afford formal ministry training.

Christian Leaders Institute provides a Bible School program that offers existing and new pastors high-quality ministry training.

Many existing pastors do not need credentials; they want to take ministry classes.

Christian Leaders Institute offers Theological, Ministry, and Biblical Courses.

Ministry Credentials for Bible School Programs

If you are interested in serving in church ministries, ministry credentials reflect that you have completed ministry courses in your interest and giftedness. Local churches and ministries need trained and credentialed Christian leaders.

Credentials are academic recognition that training in specific topics has been completed. You do not confer credentials on yourself. Institutions like the Christian Leaders Institute or College confer these credentials. These credentials recognize that you have completed Bible school programs of study.

Credentials Available to Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College graduates.

Ministry Awards Credentials

Awards are granted by Christian Leaders Institute. These awards are considered “Adult Education” awards that have credibility with many churches, ministries, and businesses. These award credentials do not require the high school admission requirement or the writing requirement. They do, however, recognize that you have completed courses in a specific area of concentration.

College Certificate, Diploma, and Degree Credentials

College credentials are granted by Christian Leaders College. Christian Leaders College has applied for and been accepted into Applicant Status with ABHE for accreditation recognition.

Graduates of Christian Leaders College are able to apply in the Master’s degree programs of some of our accredited partner institutes. Ohio Christian University and Kairos Project are two of these partners. They offer Master Degree Opportunities in the following areas.

Ohio Christian University/Christian Leaders College

Kairos Project Partnership

Kairos Project College and Seminaries Partnership Page – Click Here

Life Coach Minister Certifications

Christian Leaders Institute is your pathway to complete a life coach minister curriculum. There are several certification levels to chose from. You can also decide if you desire to be licensed or ordained. Click here to find out more at LifeCoachMinister.org.

Clergy Recognition

Christian Leaders Insitute partners with Christian Leaders Alliance. Christian Leaders Alliance oversees the course requirements completion and the local recommendation process for clergy recognition. Licensed or ordained clergy are placed in a global directory. There are many clergy programs with Christian Leaders Alliance. These Bible School programs are for those who are volunteer, part-time, or full-time clergy.

Christian Home Schooling Ministers

We think of a homeschool teacher as a home discipleship minister. Many churches have Sunday school programs for their children. Those parents who home school are ministers. Christian Leaders Institute gives homeschooling teachers and homeschooled children many opportunities. Click here to find out more.

Preaching Website

Dr. Bruce Ballast contributes to a preaching blog site that keeps you up to date with ideas and resources that enhance your preaching and communication if you are a pastor or public speaker.  Click here to connect to preachingacts.com


Many Christian leaders want to combine their ministry passion with running a worldview driven business. This Bible school program at Christian Leaders Institute teaches you how to start a business as a minister. If you want to be licensed or ordained clergy as well, that also works well.

More and more ministry jobs are hard to come by. These Bible school programs may fit someone who loves ministry and also loves supporting themselves through various means.

Learn more about MinistryBiz by clicking here.

Chaplaincy Training and Credentials

Are you called to be a chaplain? You may be called as a volunteer Community Chaplain in a local civic organization or agency like a fire department or police force. Some of you may want to become a career Chaplain in a hospital, nursing home, or the military.

Christian Leaders Institute opens doors for studying and credentials that help you pursue your calling. This Bible School program has awards, certificates, diplomas, and degrees for volunteer or ministry chaplains.

For career-bound Chaplains, we have a partnership with the Kairos Project. You would first get your bachelor’s degree from Christian Leaders College. The Kairos Project offers a degree path for you to become a full-time chaplain. Click this link to find out more.

International Languages

Christian Leaders Institute has classes and programs in five languages. Some of our Bible school programs are more developed than others, but all of CLI’s Bible school programs seek to bring free Bible school courses.



Russian and Ukrainian


Support Bible School Programs

Christian Leaders Institute is part of Christian Leaders College. This Bible School Program is a privately funded model of education. Read more. The Christian Leaders Institute raises support and funding for free Bible courses and the administration of the various online programs. For instance, the Christian Leaders College has low-cost fees because the Christian Leaders Institute raises support to pay for free classes and the technology to bring these classes everywhere. The Christian Leaders College fees pay for the personalization and accreditation process that each student will need to receive a “collegiate”  degree from Christian Leaders College.

Who Funds The Christian Leaders Institute Effort?

Study Students – Study students are asked if they want to become vision partners or purchase products that support the cause.  There is never any obligation to give!

Christians – Many kingdom-minded Christians send support because they believe that raising up more Christian leaders will advance the cause of Christianity.

Churches – Many churches see the spreading of Christianity as essential and the raising up of well-trained leaders as vital for the church’s work.

Foundations – Christian foundations generously support the Christian Leaders Institute because they see the dramatic impact that free ministry training has created.

If you are interested in finding out how to become a vision partner, click here. 

Meet Christian Leaders Who Study At Christian Leaders Institute

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